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The SFTP function provides SFTP/SCP capability to download supported logs from an external location and render them in LX.

Figure : SFTP Utility

Table : SFTP Utility Menu

Server IP:Port

Server IP: Specifies the name of the individual SBC Core server or the local host name.

Port: Specifies the port for the SBC Core server. SCP usually uses port 2024.

 UsernameSpecifies username to access SBC Core EMA system
 PasswordSpecifies password to access SBC Core EMA system

Specifies the directory on the SBC where the captured packet files are stored

The default directory for SBC is /var/log/sonus/sbx/evlog

Configuring SFTP

  1. From the main menu, click File > Settings

  2. In the SFTP Remote Directory text box, browse for the SBC Core directory for the Event Logs


  3. Click OK

  4. From the main menu, click SFTP

  5. Enter the server IP and port

    The server IP and port are separated by a colon ( : ).

  6. Enter the username for SBC Core

  7. Enter the password for SBC Core


  8. Click Connect

  9. After files have been retrieved, double-click a file to open in Message Pane.