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The LX allows you to forward syslogs directly from the Syslog Server to an external database. Forwarding logs to an external database allows for a larger quantity of logs to be written at faster rate.

In addition to storing syslogs to an external database, the LX can access the database through its external dashboard. For more infomation, see External Database Dashboard.

Configuring the External Syslog Database

  1. From the main menu, click File > Settings

  2. Enter the following information in the External Syslog Database section
    1. Click Enable

    2. Select Database

    3. Enter Host:Post

    4. Enter credentials to access database

  3. Click Test Connection

  4. If connection passes, click Prepare DB

  5. Click OK

  6. Click Syslog Server

  7. Check Listen IP, Transport, and Listen Port are correct

  8. Click Start Listening


  9. Click Stop Listening to stop


External Database Dashboard

The LX provides a dashboard to fetch, delete, and export logs from your external database. From the main menu, click Tools > External Database Dashboard to access this feature.

Figure : External Database Dashboard


Table : Basic Search Menu

ClientsSelect the host and port of the client servers
Start DateSelect TimeStamp to begin search for syslog files
End DateSelect TimeStamp to stop search for syslog files
Fetch LogsRetrieve logs based on Clients, Start Date and End Date criteria
Delete LogsDelete logs based on Clients, Start Date and End Date criteria
Export to FileExport Syslog logs to open and analyzed in the LX
Clear FieldsClear search requirements and files from dialogue window