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Welcome to the SBC Core REST API Reference documentation space.

In addition to the REST API User's Guide, this space contains a listing of all supported API resources exposed by the Ribbon SBC Core Yang specs, including REST methods and schema definitions.

The SBC Core REST API is available beginning with release 5.0.1.

SBC REST API User's Guide

User's guide for interacting with the SBC REST API.

Requirements - Prerequisites for using the REST APIs.

Authentication - How to authenticate API requests.

Data Model - How the SBC data is modeled and implemented. 

Resource Design - How the system works under the hood.

Samples - Usage examples.

Deployment Workflow - Administrators guide for deploying a single SBC configuration onto multiple SBCs.

SBC REST API Reference Guide


This document contains the details about Sonus SBX REST Documentation


profilesO Profiles of configuration shared by multiple objects.
alarmsO Alarm Management
systemO System-level configuration.
nodeO List of managed VMs.
addressContextO Objects scoped to a specific IP addressing domain.
globalO Global objects that are applicable Node wide
oamO Operations and Maintenance objects.

Download Yang Data Model.


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