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Event log for configuration items related to each event log type.


typeMenumeration The type of the event log. Each type has separate configuration parameters and logs to a separate file.
stateOenumerationenabled The requested state of the given Event Log type.
fileCountOint3232 The number of event log files that will be maintained for this event type. All event types will overwrite the oldest file when the file count is exceeded. A warning will be issued when the count approaches the maximum.
fileSizeOint322048 The maximum size (in KB) that a single event log file will ever grow to.
messageQueueSizeOint3210 The number of event log message entries to buffer before writing them to disk. The size may be a value between 2 and 100 (inclusive).
saveToOenumerationdisk Save events to disk or none.
filterLevelOenumerationmajor Events that are at least as severe as the designated level will be logged. noevents suppresses all events of this type from being logged.
rolloverStartTimeOdateTime The start time for event log rollover.
rolloverIntervalOint320 The event log rollover interval.
rolloverTypeOenumerationnonrepetitive The event log rollover type. Repetitive type will rollover logs continuosly after rollover Interval.
rolloverActionOenumerationstop Event log rollover actions. start - Start event log rollover at specified starting time. stop - Stop event log rollover.
fileWriteModeOenumerationdefault Identifies event log NFS write mode. 1. DEFAULT - Log data is written to NFS as 1344 byte packet. 2. OPTIMIZE - Log data is written to NFS as 8000 byte packet. Optimize write mode results in IP fragmentation but yields better throughput.
syslogStateOenumerationdisabled Specifies whether the contents of this log are also written out to the syslog
renameOpenFilesOenumerationdisabled Specifies whether to name open accounting, packet files with a .OPEN extension
diskThrottleLimitOuint3210000 Limit on info level messages logged to the disk in one second A value of 0 disables the limit
eventLogValidationOenumerationdisabled Specifies if the logs at rest for this log type should be cryptographically hashed.
compressionSupportOenumerationnone Specifies if the log are compressed
compressionDaysToKeepOint325 Specifies the number of days to keep compressed logs
compressionCleanupDirectoryOstring Alternate directory name (containing no slashes) under the log file directory from which compressed files will be removed after compressionDaysToKeep days
serversM Remote Syslog Configuration table for configuring the pushing of logs to a remote server using Syslog.


Operation NameDescription
rolloverLogNow Rollover log now

curl -kisu 'admin:secret' -X GET https://{SBX-SERVER}/api/config/oam/eventLog/typeAdmin/{type}

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