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A profile allows you to create a specific set of characteristics different from the standard SBC Core defaults. When defining a new instance, for example, you can then use the profile to set the values as you would like them. Profiles are referenced by other configuration objects throughout the system, and are a means of sharing the same configuration values among multiple object instances.


systemO  System-level profiles.
digitParameterHandlingO  Profiles for manipulating digits (Calling, Called, etc) and other call processing parameters.
callRoutingO  Profiles related to call routing (elementRoutingPriority, timeRangeProfile, etc).
mediaO  Profiles related to media control (Packet Service Profile, Codec Profiles, etc).
servicesO  Profiles related to call services (Disconnect Treatment, Emergency, ARS, etc).
securityO  Profiles related to security (tlsProfile, cryptoSuiteProfile, etc).
signalingO  Profiles related to call signaling (IPSP, SIP Adaptor, Number Globalization, CauseCode Mapping, etc).
featureControlProfileO  Profile defining the Feature Control Profile Attributes
voipSubscriberO  Profiles related to Voip Subscriber.
aorGroupProfileO  Profiles related to AoR group.
ipSignalingPeerGroupO  Represents a IP signaling peer group that identifies set of Ip peer.
adAttributeMapProfileO  Configure The AD Attributes That Needs To Be Fetched From The Remote Domain Controller.
adProfileO  Ad Profile.
dbSyncCheckProfileO  DB Sync Status Check Profile.
callParameterFilterProfileO  Profile used for call parameter filter profile.
digitProfileO  Profile defining digit generation and digit detection.
dtmfTriggerO  Profile defining conditions for triggering on DTMF digit strings.
sipCacProfileO  Profile defining call/registration admission control for a SIP endpoint.

curl -kisu 'admin:secret' -X GET https://{SBX-SERVER}/api/config/profiles

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