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System-level configuration.


activeConfigFileOstring Contains the file name of the last retrieved file from the external object store service.
resetLicenseStatsO Reset license stats
adminM Basic configuration (name, location, etc) for the system.
serverAdminO The serverAdmin table describes the configuration of each server module. A server module can be a standalone server or a server card in a chassis based system.
daughterBoardAdminO The daughter board admin table describes the configuration of each daughter board.
licenseRequiredO The licenses needed by this application
licenseServerO Per-server configuration.
sweActiveProfileO Specifies the profile name that is activated in the system.
sweTrafficProfilesO This table stores different traffic profiles. Each profile is essentially a statement of the call mix presented to the SWe.
sweCodecMixProfileO This table describes the codec mix used for a given profile.
mediaProfileO DSP Media Profile configuration
announcementsO Announcement file status and statistics
dspPadO DSP PAD configuration - service must be restarted for new config to take effect
ipPolicingO The MIB Module for IP Monitoring.
dspStatusO Status of DSP resources.
transcodeInfoOStatus of transcode resources.
mediaO System-wide media configurations, udp port range and rtp/rtcp peer inactivity timeout.
highAvailabilityPortM Configuration and status for the HA ethernet ports.
intervalStatisticsO The system-wide settings for interval statistics.
fileStatisticsAdminO Admin data of file Statistics.
jsrcServerO JSRC server configuration
policyServerO Configures softswitch servers and client services
networkProcessorStatisticsO Network Processor statistics
loadBalancingServiceO Load Balancing Service configuration
clusterAdminO Cluster specific configuration
pathCheckPathO Path for ICMP ping mechanism
dsbcO Configures Distributed SBC
ntpM NTP Services Management.
securityO The MIB Module for Security Management.
mgmtIpInterfaceGroupO A group of management IP interfaces for the default address context.
mgmtStaticRouteO Static IP routes for this address context.
logicalMgmtIpInterfaceO The logical management IP interface.
ethernetPortM Configuration for management, packet, and field-service ethernet ports.
dspResO DSP historical interval statistics
congestionM System congestion profile for the node.

Operational Data

configurator This indicates if the system is the configurator
licenseStatus The CE license status table describes the state of license information.
softwareUpgradeStatus Live software upgrade status at any given time.
fileStatisticsStatus The current ID of the last performance statistics written to the database
sbcPersonalityStatus Personality of this instance
objectStoreParameters Parameters used to specify an object store service to upload or download a configuration file.
niceLicense Contains whether Nice recording is allowed or not.
pdcsLicense Contains whether PDCS license is allowed or not.
sbcliLicense Contains whether SBC-LI license is allowed or not.
hardDiskStatus Hard disk status on the server(s).
hardDiskUsage Hard disk status on the server(s).
fanStatus Fan status on the server(s).
powerSupplyStatus Power consumption/state of the server.
syncStatus The system server synchronization status table, describes data synchronization state of various items.
standbySyncStatus The standby server synchronization status table. This table is used for N:1 redundancy where a standby server support N active servers. It describes data synchronization state of various items.
ledStatus Displays status of various LEDs of the server.
serverStatus The system server status table describes the status of the server module.
daughterBoard3Status Indicates the daughter board status on the server.
serverSoftwareUpgradeStatus The system server software upgrade status table describes the status of the server software upgrade module.
softwareUpgradeDetailedStatus The system software upgrade detailed status table describes the detailed status of the software upgrade module.
licenseRequiredStatus Status information about licenses acquired by this application
licenseFeatureStatus Status information about each licensed feature
licenseServerStatus Status for license servers
licenseLegacyBundleInfo Shows information about all the legacy licenses stored on the box
licenseInfo The license status for registered license features.
baseMacAddress Displays base MAC address of servers
cpuUtilCurrentStatistics The CPU utilization for the current interval period.
cpuUtilIntervalStatistics The CPU utilization for the 'n' number of intervals.
memoryUtilCurrentStatistics The memory utilization for the current interval period.
memoryUtilIntervalStatistics The memory utilization for the 'n' number of intervals.
coredumpList List of coredumps on the server(s).
coredumpSummary Summary of coredump files on server(s).
savedConfigList List of configurations saved on the system.
fipsFSM2State FIPS finite state machine state.
dodModeStatus DoD mode status
macAddress2Status Displays status of MAC address of servers
gpuStatus Displays Information of GPUs present in server
configStoreFiles Displays the configuration files on an external object store service
haConfig Displays the HA port redundancy configuration.
rgStatus The system Redundancy Group(RG) status table describes the status of the instances in RG.
sweProcessorCoreCapacity This table displays the processor's capacity indices on which SWe is currently running.
sweCapacityEstimation This table stores the populated SWe capacity for different custom traffic profiles created.
gpuTranscodeStatusCurrent GPU transcode status.
cpuTranscodeStatusCurrent CPU transcode status.
databaseIntegrity Displays data integrity of databases.
metaVariable Dynamic Meta variable name and value pair table in Cloud SBC configuration management.
logicalMgmtIpInterfaceStatus The status of the logical IP interface.
systemCongestionStatus System Congestion Status Table
systemCongestionCurrentStatistics The Sonus System Congestion Current Statistics table.
systemCongestionIntervalStatistics The Sonus System Congestion Interval Statistics table.

curl -kisu 'admin:secret' -X GET https://{SBX-SERVER}/api/config/system

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