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Beginning in release 8.0, Load Balancing Service configuration applies only to media SBC (M-SBC) clusters in distributed SBC SWe deployments. The M-SBC load balancing distributes media requests among nodes. Load balancing of REGISTER or INVITE requests through retargeting is no longer supported and should not be configured.

The SBC Core supports configuring a Load Balancing Service (LBS) to distribute media requests among M-SBC instances in a cluster. 

M-SBC Note

To configure an LBS on a PKT port (any IP Interface other than MGMT), execute the command "set system clusterAdmin clusterComm type ip" before configuring the LBS on M-SBC. Refer to Cluster Admin - CLI for configuration details.


For SBC Core in virtual environments and M-SBC in particular, when an interface link and the associated interface is up but not the relevant IP addresses, do not execute commands such as "ip link down" or "ifconfig". When switchover happens, such command executions can often result in an unequal load distribution among various nodes. If you suspect an unequal load distribution, verify it by executing the command "show table global callCountStatus".


You must configure Cluster Admin for intra-cluster node communication before configuring a D-SBC signaling port, Load balancing service and DNS group parameters.

Refer to Cluster Admin - CLI for configuration details.

Command Syntax

SBC M-SBC Syntax

The following Load Balancing Service CLI applies only to M-SBC (in a distributed SBC SWe deployment).

% set system loadBalancingService
	groupName <group_name>
	privateIpInterfaceGroupName <name> 

Command Parameters

SBC M-SBC Parameters

Table : Load Balancing Service Parameters (M-SBC)

groupName<name> – Domain name of the load balancing group. (1-63 characters)
privateIpInterfaceGroupName<name> – Use this parameter to specify the name of the private IP Interface Group the M-SBC/T-SBC uses to communicate to the Media Resource Function (MRF) for this load balancing group.

Command Examples

To configure the load balancing service on M-SBC:

set system loadBalancingService groupName privateIpInterfaceGroupName LIF1

SBC Core Syntax (except M-SBC)

This configuration applies to a feature that is no longer supported and the configuration is no longer required.

% set system loadBalancingService
	groupName <group_name>
	inviteRetargetMode <disable | redirect>
	registerRetargetMode <disable | redirect>