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The SBC 5000 series EMA Navigator provides a navigation tree, allowing you to perform management operations.

You can access the following functional categories through the SBC 5000 series EMA Navigator:

Navigator Window

EMA Navigator provides a navigation tree that can support a large number of objects optionally using pagination.

Following is the navigator window.

Figure : SBC 5000 series Navigation window

Navigation Tree

The navigation tree consists of the following:

Refresh Tree

SBC 5000  EMA provides an option called refresh tree. If an object is removed from the tree through CLI, to update the tree, collapse the tree and expand it to display the updated objects. To refresh a selected subtree, click on the node/arrow in the tree and click . This will refresh that particular subtree by displaying any instances that are created through CLI or EMS.

Collapse Tree

SBC 5000 EMA provides an option called Collapse. On clicking , the device removes all the information in the cache and collapse the expanded objects.


SBC 5000 series EMA provides an option called pagination. Whenever the managed object instances are greater than the configured limit (> 100), the pagination controls will be displayed and only the configured number of instances are shown.

The following are the pagination controls available for SBC 5000 series:

Table : Pagination Buttons





This option allows you go to the previous page.


This option allows you to go to the next page.


This page allows you to reset the page options.


This option allows you to search key attributes.



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