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The following procedure describes how to upgrade the BMC firmware:

  1. Login to the BMC using the following credentials:
    Username: root
    Password: superuser

    Figure : BMC Login Screen

  2. On the BMC main screen, select the Remote Control tab. The Remote Control screen displays.

    Figure : Remote Control Screen

  3. Click Power Control (or select Server Power Control option from the navigation pane). The Power Control and Status screen displays.

  4. Select Power Off Server - Orderly Shutdown option and click Perform Action.


    Figure : Power Control and Status Screen


    This action will only power off the host side of the SBC; the BMC is still up.


    Figure : Powering Off SBC Server

  5. Select the Maintenance tab in the BMC GUI to enter the Maintenance screen.

    Figure : Maintenance Screen


    If the power was not shutdown successfully as described in step 4, you will see the following pop-up message appears. Complete the step 4 before proceeding.

    Figure : Power Off Message

  6. Click Enter Update Mode. The Update Mode confirmation dialog displays.

    Figure : Confirming Update

  7. Click OK. The Firmware Upload screen displays.

    Figure : Firmware Upload Screen

  8. Click Browse, and from the Open dialog, browse to and select bmc5x00_<release>.rom firmware image where <release> is the latest BMC firmware version. To determine the exact version, see the applicable release notes at SBC Release Information.
  9. Click Open. The chosen file displays next to the Browse button.
  10. Click Upload Firmware to upload the selected BMC image file.

    Figure : Uploading Firmware

  11. An image verification dialog appears. Click OK to continue.

    Figure : Verifying Image

  12. Verify that the Existing Version and New Version fields in Firmware Verification section are different. If the versions are different, continue to the next step to start the upgrade. Otherwise, click Cancel to exit out of the upgrade.

    Figure : Displaying Firmware Versions

    Note: The above figure only displays the firmware version up to two decimal places. To determine the exact version, see the applicable release notes at SBC Release Information.
  13. Click Start Upgrade. When the warning dialog displays, click OK to continue.

    Figure : Warning Dialog


    Once the upgrade process starts, do not close the screen.
  14. The firmware upgrade process takes a few minutes to complete. The upgrade progress displays in the Flash Status screen.

    Figure : Flash Status Screen

  15. Once the firmware upgrade completes, a confirmation screen appears.

    Figure : Firmware Upgrade Complete


    Once the upgrade completes, BMC and host reboots automatically. Verify that the SBC starts and sync with its peer server before proceeding further.
  16. To verify the BMC version, see Checking the Existing Software Version.


For HA configuration, see Upgrade Flows for guidance.