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SNMP uses communities to establish trust between SNMP manager and agent. You can view the SNMP community engine id using the show status oam snmp community command. This command shows the SNMP community engine ID. The SNMP community engine id is generated based on the MAC address as per the standards.

To view the SNMP community engine id, use the system level  'show table oam snmp' command.


> show table oam snmp
community {
    engineId 80:00:0b:3f:03:00:10:6b:2e:e5:e8;
[ok][2011-12-07 07:04:15]

The user name can be used as a SNMP community string in a SNMP request. To configure the user name as SNMP community string for NMS monitoring, use the following command:

% set oam localAuth user <user-name> group [Administrator|FieldService|Guest|Operator]

To view the user name, use the following command:

% show table oam localAuth user
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