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A step-by-step process to create a simple SIP Adaptor Profile using the EMA is shown below. The example SIP Adaptor Profile includes one rule, two criteria and one action. For additional details of SIP Message Manipulation (SMM), see SIP Message Manipulation.

  1. Login to the EMA, and select System Configuration > SIP Messages  from the menu bar (for details of SIP Messages tool, see SIP Messages).

  2. Click the Build SIP Adaptor chiclet.

  3. The Build SIP Adaptor Profile tool displays defaulted to first criteria type 'Message'.
  4. Enter "Delete_Support_Header" in the Name field.
  5. In the Criteria section, click the for drop-down list, and select "request messages of the type".
  6. A second drop-down field displays to take an additional action.
  7. Select the drop-down menu, and select "invite".
  8. Click Add Criterion.
  9. Observe that the Message criterion is added.
  10. Select Type field and choose "Header".
  11. Enter "Support" in the if a header named field.
  12. Select "present and equal" from the is drop-down menu.
  13. Enter "100rel" in the to field.
  14. Select "all header instances" from the for drop-down menu.
  15. Click Add Criterion again (see step 8). The Header criterion is added to the SIP Adaptor Profile.
  16. From the Action section, select "Header" from the Type drop-down menu.
  17. A second drop-down field displays to take additional action.
  18. Select drop-down menu, and select "delete a header".
  19. The named field displays for you to enter the header name.

  20. Enter "Support" in the named field.
  21. Click Add Action.

  22. The header action is added to the "Delete_Support_Header" SIP Adaptor Profile.
    Click Save.
  23. The "Delete_Support_Header" profile is saved successfully.