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This section describes how to reload the saved Sonus SBC Portfolio configuration.

This procedure is required after performing a full re-installation of the ConnexIP OS or SBC application.

  1. Login to the remote server where you have copied the configuration files, as described in Saving the SBC Configuration.
    Execute the following commands to copy the files to your SBC system:

    % cd /home/bob/SBC/config
    % sftp -oPort=2024 sftpadmin@<SBC Hostname>
    Connecting to <SBC Hostname>
    sftpadmin@10:54:19.17’s password:
    sftp> put config_WFDSBC01_20110404_134150.tar.gz /var/log/sonus/sbx/config/
  2. Login to the SBC 5000 series CLI, and load the configuration by executing the following CLI command. 


    admin@SBC01a> request system admin <server name> loadConfig fileName config_<server name>_20110824_021127.tar.gz
    This command will load the last saved configuration and restart the applications on active/standby servers. Do you want to continue (yes/no) y
    result success
    reason Starting DB restoration from: config_<server name>_20110824_021127.tar.gz please check /var/log/messages for progress
  3. To view the saved configuration files, use the following command:


    admin@SBC01a> show table system savedConfigList 
    INDEX          FILE NAME                        SIZE         
    1      config_SBC01_20110824_021127.tar.gz  1061 KBytes  

    where <server name> is the system name of SBC HA configuration. For example, SBC01a.

    This command restarts the SBC application, hence is service impacting. The applications running on both the active and standby servers will restart. All calls will be terminated.


    When reloading a saved configuration, make sure the standby server is in a stable standby state or the server is reachable, but the application is offline (stopped). If the standby is in the process of restarting, either from a server restart or a reboot, wait until the server becomes stable before proceeding.

    If the standby system crashes before the load config completes, stop the standby server and allow the original active server to come back online as active.