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This topic provides instructions on upgrading firmware (not applicable to SBC Software Edition), and SBC application software for the Sonus SBC Portfolio.

When an SBC platform/application software maintenance update becomes available, it is posted to the Sonus TAC site and the SalesForce customer portal:

For a listing of the TCP/IP network ports that Sonus SBC Portfolio platforms listen to, see SBC 5000 and 7000 Series Network Listener Ports.

Live Software Upgrade (LSWU)

LSWU allows the user to upgrade the SBC application software without dropping the active stable calls. This upgrade approach is recommended for redundant or High Availability SBC systems. For more information on the LSWU procedure, go to Upgrade SBC Application Using LSWU.

The Platform Manager GUI is not used for Live Software Upgrade of  the SBC application.

Non-Live Software Upgrade (Non-LSWU)

Non-LSWU upgrade process requires taking the SBC system offline to perform the application upgrade. This upgrade is usually performed on HA (redundant) or standalone SBC systems.

Non-LSWU upgrade is usually performed using the Platform Manager. The Platform Manager is accessed only when the user upgrades the ConnexIP OS version to 1.8.2R0 or higher and SBC version to 3.0.3R0 or higher.

For SBC application upgrade using the Platform Manager, go to Upgrading SBC Application Using Platform Manager.

Before upgrading ConnexIP OS, firmware, and SBC application, you must first save the configuration. In case you encounter any issues during the upgrade, you need to restore the system and continue the upgrade. For Saving and Restoring the configuration, see Saving the SBC Configuration and Reloading the SBC Portfolio Configuration for guidance.


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