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Perform the following steps to save the existing SBC Core configuration.

  1. Login to the SBC active server CLI. Execute the following command to save the SBC configuration.

    > request system admin <SBC_System_Name> saveConfig


    admin@SBC01a> request system admin WFDSBC01 saveConfig 
    This command will save the current configuration. Do you want to continue (yes/no) yes
    result success
    reason Configuration Saved as /var/log/sonus/sbx/config/config_WFDSBC01_20130918_193400.tar.gz
    [ok][2013-09-18 19:42:11]
    This command saves the current configuration to a time-stamped zipped tar file located in /var/log/sonus/sbx/config directory of SBC active server.
  2. Use SFTP to copy the configuration file from target system to any temporary directory on the server. Execute following command on any Windows-based software that supports SFTP (default login/password is sftpadmin/sftpadmin):

    # sftp -oPort=2024 sftpadmin@WFDSBC01a:/var/log/sonus/sbx/config/config_WFDSBC01_20130918_193400.tar.gz /home/bob/SBC5000/config
    sftpadmin@WFDSBC01a's password: <sftpadmin>
    Connected to WFDSBC01a.
    Fetching /var/log/sonus/sbx/config/config_WFDSBC01_20130918_193400.tar.gz to /home/bob/SBC5000/config


    The backup file created by this procedure is used to restore the system configuration if re-installation of the software is needed for any reason. To reload the configuration, see Reloading the SBC Configuration for guidance.

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