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The ePSX LSWU process is similar to the SBC LSWU process, whereby you first upgrade the standby server, and then the active server.

Keep the following in mind when performing an ePSX upgrade:

  • The SBC and ePSX applications are upgraded independently. Make sure you are upgrading SBC application first followed by ePSX application.
  • The SBC application must be running when upgrading the ePSX application.
  • The ePSX database must be backed up before the upgrade process is started. Refer to ePSX Database Backup for more information. If there is any issue with the ePSX upgrade that causes a reinstallation then the backup file is used to restore the system. Refer to ePSX Database Restore for more information.
  • Only Live Software Upgrade of ePSX is possible.
  • Once you upgrade the Active server, it automatically restarts and causes a switchover. The server being upgraded comes back up and completes the upgrade.
  • The Upgrade procedure is same for both ePSX standalone and ePSX Replica.
  • The ePSX Install and Upgrade is only supported on SBC platforms with atleast 24 GB of memory.

This section is not applicable for SBC Software Edition (SWe).