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Availability: Since 4.2.4



This object allows only those SIP messages originated from source to appear in the list of learned/resolved IP addresses from configured FQDN entry. if this entry is enabled, a list of known FQDNs in which resolved IP addresses are treated as trusted sources addresses for arriving SIP packets.

Up to 4 FQDNs entries can be added under each zone and up to 256 FQDNs can be added per system.

This feature supports A/AAAA queries only. Ensure that the SIP Trunk Group services parameter Dns Support Type is set to 'a-only' when using this feature (see Trunk Group - Sip Trunk Group and Sip Trunk Group - Services).

On SBC main screen, go to All > Address Context > Zone > Filter Sip Src. The Filter Sip Src can be checked for each Address Context and Zone or for all the Address Contexts and Zones created. Use the drop-down box to select the desired Address Context and Zone.

Figure : Fields

The Filter Sip Src window is displayed.

Figure : Zone - Filter Sip Src

The following fields are displayed:

Table : Zone - Filter Sip Src parameters




Enable flag to apply filtering on incoming SIP message.

  • disabled (default)– No filtering is applied.
  • enabled – Incoming SIP message is filtered. Any source SIP packets not belonging to one of learned/resolved IP address from configured FQDN entry are dropped.