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Default values are enclosed in square brackets [ ].

New CLI in 5.0.6R0

The flag, sendDeRegisterContactAsStar, is added to sipSigControls to allow the SBC to send the Contact header as a star (*) in DEREGISTER messages if multipleContactsPerAor is disabled.

% set global signaling sipSigControls sendDeRegisterContactAsStar <disabled | [enabled]>


New CLI in 5.0.5R0

SBX-50530 Enhance SBC to Use Packet Interface Instead of Mgmt Interface for ENUM Queries

The SBC is enhanced to provide an option to send ENUM queries and receive responses using the Signaling interface (using packet interface port 988) rather than the default Management interface with the addition of the type parameter to the lwresdProfile command. Packets from the Signaling interface are prioritized over packets from the Management interface.

CLI Syntax
 % set global servers lwresdProfile <profile name> type <ip | mgmt> addrressContext <addressContext name> ipInterfaceGroup <ipInterfaceGroup name>

New CLI in 5.0.3R0

SBX-1766 Support for GETS and WPS

  • A new profile, hpcCallProfile, is added to Profiles > Services configuration in support of High Probability of Completion in support of GETS and WPS, along with the following configurables.
    • state

    • rph

    • etsCpcPrecedence

    • etsDefaultValue

    • includeAcceptIn417

    • includeRequire

    • rejectNotEtsDn

    • useIncomingEts

    • usePrecedence

    • useWpsPrecedence

    • wpsMlppPrecedence

  • The parameter hpcOversubscription is added to zone and sipTrunkGroup CAC configuration objects to support the HPC CAC logic.


CLI Syntax
% set profiles services hpcCallProfile <hpcCallProfile name> 
	state <[disabled] | enabled>
		etsCpcPrecedence <cpc | ets | [hpc]>
		includeAcceptIn417 <[disabled] | enabled>
		includeRequire <[disabled] | enabled>
		rejectNotEtsDn <[disabled] | enabled>
		useIncomingEts <[disabled] | enabled>
		usePrecedence <[disabled] | enabled>
		useWpsPrecedence <[disabled] | enabled>
		wpsMlppPrecedence <[mlpp] | wps>


SBX-37654 Enhance RTCP BYE Packet Processing

The flag sendBYEPacket is added to system media mediaRtcpControl object.

CLI Syntax
% set system media mediaRtcpControl sendBYEPacket <disabled | [enabled]>


SBX-39110 Management Apps Use Logical IP

The flag useIpAddrAsSnmpSource is added to the Logical Management IP Interface for the SBC to use the logical management IP address as the source address for SNMP traffic. This gives SBC the capability to receive SNMP requests on this logical management IP address as well as use this address as the source for SNMP responses, alarms and traps. This feature supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

CLI Syntax
% set system logicalMgmtIpInterface <name of logical management> useIpAddrAsSnmpSource <[false],true>


SBX-40408 Flag for Enabling Port 0 Audio as Audio-less

A SIP Trunk Group signaling flag, treatPortZeroAsNoAudio, is added in this release to control how the audio portion of a call on port 0 is treated - either as on hold or as audio-less call. Default s disabled.

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressContext name> zone <zone name> sipTrunkGroup <SIP TG name> signaling treatPortZeroAsNoAudio <[disabled] | enabled>


SBX-41341 Continuous Packet Capture Support

The flag renameOpenFiles is added to Event Log typeAdmin object to append an ".OPEN" extension to accounting and packet files which are open for writing. Default is enabled.

CLI Syntax
% set oam eventLog typeAdmin packet renameOpenFiles <[disabled] | [enabled]>

SBX-41894 Send 503 to reINVITE after a CE switchover

The flag send503DuringSwitchover is added to Global object to send 503 with Retry-After set to 60 seconds for invites.

CLI Syntax
% set global signaling sipSigControls send503DuringSwitchover <disabled | enabled>


New CLI in 5.0.2R1


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New CLI in 5.0.2R0

There are no CLI changes in this release.

New CLI in 5.0.1R2

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New CLI in 5.0.0R1

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Deprecated CLI

The following CLI commands and statistics are deprecated.

Table : Deprecated CLI

Command / CLI Object ImpactedDeprecated CLIEffective Release
show table systemCongestionStatussystemCongestionMemLevel4.2.6R0
set system congestion"static" option4.2.6R0
set system congestion adaptive MCLevel"mc0" level4.2.6R0
set profiles system overloadProfilestaticMode parameter4.2.6R0
set profiles system overloadProfile "memory" option for setDuration, clearDuration, setThreshold, clearThreshold configurations4.2.6R0
set system adminmanagementIpVersion5.0.0R0
request system admin commandcommitSoftwareUpgrade5.0.0R0
show status system serverSoftwareUpgradeStatus
"committed" option5.0.0R0
show status addressContext <addressContext name> sipSubCountStatistics sipSubCountTotal5.0.5R0
request system admin <system Name> revertSoftwareUpgrade
request system admin <system Name> commitSoftwareUpgrade

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