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This section provides details for mounting SBC 5000 series chassis in 19 inch 2-post rack.

The 2-post installation only applies when mounting the chassis using the center brackets.

Installing Rack Mount Brackets

Align the bottom of the Rack Mount Bracket with the mark on front rail of the rack and secure loosely with (2) #10-32X5/8" Cup Head screws at the top-most and at the bottom-most racking slots. Repeat the same procedure for rear Rack Mount Bracket and the opposite side.

Installing Rack Rail Guides

Position Rack Rail Guide by centering the center-line etched in the Rack Rail Guide in the center of the rack and secure with (4) #8-32X1/4" Truss Head screws through each Rack Mount Bracket, repeat for the opposite side.

Installing Chassis into the Slide Rack Assembly

Due to the size and weight of the system, never attempt to install the system by yourself.

  1. Lift the system to align the Chassis Rails with the Rack Rail Guides and slide the chassis into the Rack Rail Guides ensuring that each Chassis Rail is engaged in its respective Rack Rail Guide.
  2. Push the Chassis fully into Rack Rail Guides until the Chassis Rack Ears are in full contact with the front surface of the Rack Rail Guides.
  3. Secure the Chassis with (4) #10-32 X5/8" Cup Head screws at the top-most and at the bottom-most racking slots in the Chassis Rack Ear.
  4. Tighten the (4) #10-32 X5/8" Cup Head screws securing the Rack Rail Guides to the Rack Adaptors.

For racks with #12-24, open square, or open round holes, slide #10-32 U-Nut over rail and align concentric with top-most and bottom-most mounting holes with nut portion protruding from inside surface of rail.

Figure : 19 Inch 2-Post Rack Diagram

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