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Table of Contents

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Managing Security
How to Access the SBC
How to Set up a Basic Call Flow
Configuring SBC Objects
Changing System Settings
Configuring Various Features on SBC
Managing Certificates
Managing DSPs
Managing SBC Licenses
SBC SIP Transparency Implementation Guide
Configuring a Transparency Profile
Configuring Routers for GARP
SBC Network Deployment Scenarios
SBC SWe Deployment Scenarios
How to Forward Re-INVITE Messages
Enabling SBC Core Geographical Redundancy HA Mode
Configuring HPC/GETS Feature

This section provides best practices for configuring and managing various aspects of  SBC Core ( SBC 5000 series,  SBC 7000 series and SBC Software Edition).



SBC Core is a closed network device. Customer modifications at the Linux level are not allowed or supported. These modifications can cause stability, update and fail-over issues.

Customers should only configure the SBC using the supported interfaces (CLI, REST, EMA, EMS).

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