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Default values are enclosed in square brackets [ ].

New CLI in 5.1.4R0

SBX-63900 - Support Additional ETSI Standard Parameters to Packet Cable Standard for Default LI

The packetcablePlusEtsi parameter is added to the LI configuration to support extra parameters in the Signaling StartCall Answer, and Service instance Radius messages.


% set addressContext default intercept callDataChannel <cdcName> interceptStandard <etsi | [packetcable] | threeGpp | packetcablePlusEtsi>

New CLI in 5.1.3R0

SBX-50530 Enhance SBC to Use Packet Interface Instead of Mgmt Interface for ENUM Queries

The SBC is enhanced to provide an option to send ENUM queries and receive responses using the Signaling interface (using packet interface port 988) rather than the default Management interface with the addition of the type parameter to the lwresdProfile command. Packets from the Signaling interface are prioritized over packets from the Management interface.

CLI Syntax
% set global servers lwresdProfile <profile name> type <ip | mgmt> addrressContext <addressContext name> ipInterfaceGroup <ipInterfaceGroup name>


SBX-59735 Support multiple TLS peer names per TG

The tlsPeerName parameter description is updated to reflect the ability to assign multiple TLS peer names to a SIP trunk group.


New CLI in 5.1.2R0

SBX-53943 TLS Hostname Validation

The parameter, tlsPeerName, is added to Signaling of Sip Trunk Group to specify the peer's identity as the host-name or the IP Address of the host for host name validation in order to verify the authenticity of the client certificate.

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressContext_Name> zone <zone_Name> sipTrunkGroup <sipTrunkGroup_Name> signaling tlsPeerName <tlsPeerName_Name>


SBX-54379 Calls Fail when the 11 Digits Generic Address Parameter and E.164 Routing Number is present

The parameter, "doNotValidateGAP", is added under the Feature Control Profile object to allow the SBC ERE to skip Generic Address Parameter (GAP) validation.

CLI Syntax
% set profiles featureControlProfile <featureControlProfile_Name> doNotValidateGAP <[disable] | enable>

New CLI in 5.1.1R0

SBX-47131 PS-to-PS Handoff Optimizations

A pstopsSti option is added to global signaling srvcc configuration to optimize the PS-to-PS STI handover process in IMS networks to accelerate the handover time, which improves call quality/call drop behavior.

CLI Syntax
% set global signaling srvcc pstopsSti <request URI>

SBX-47639 TCP Support for SIPREC

transport option is added to the global siprec startRecord request to select the transport type as TCP or UDP for the SIPREC start request.

CLI Syntax
% request global siprec startRecord transport <tcp | [udp]>

Ported Features

Refer to SBC 05.00.03Rx release notes for the list of features which were ported to 5.1.1R0 release.

New CLI in 5.1.0R0

SBX-126: RADIUS authentication improvements

The SBC is enhanced in this release to configure up to three RADIUS servers per SBC with the addition of radiusServer and retryCriteria parameters to radiusAuthentication configuration object.

CLI Syntax
% set oam radiusAuthentication 
    radiusServer <server name>
        mgmtInterfaceGroup <string>
        priority <#>
        radiusNasIp <default=>
        radiusServerIp <x.x.x.x>
        radiusServerPort <#>
        radiusSharedSecret <8-128>
        state <[disabled] | enabled>
        oosDuration <# minutes>
        retryCount <1-[3]>
        retryTimer <500-3000 milliseconds, default=1000> 

SBX-638: SRTP Pass-through Enhancement

The flag allowPassthru is added to secureRtpRtcp of Packet Service Profile.

CLI Syntax
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <packetServiceProfile_name> secureRtpRtcp flags allowPassthru <[disable] | enable> 

SBX-4552 DNS SRV pathCheck Enhancement

 The default value of hostPort configuration under ipPeer pathCheck is updated to 5060.

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressContext name> zone <zone name> ipPeer <IP peer name> pathCheck hostPort <0-65535, default=5060>

SBX-23345 Transcoder Free Transparency Support for JITC

The following new flags are introduced in Packet Service Profile to configure this feature:

  • audioTransparency
    • unknownCodecBitRate
    • unknownCodecPacketSize

  • reserveBwForPreferredAudioCommonCodec

CLI Syntax
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <packetServiceProfile_name> audioTransparency
	unknownCodecBitRate <1–1000 KB/s, default=124>
	unknownCodecPacketSize <5-100 ms, default=10> 
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <packetServiceProfile_name> flags reserveBwForPreferredAudioCommonCodec <[disable] | enable>

SBX-25296: SBC5K SIP Response Enhancement When IPTG is OOS

The flag processSGConfigWhenTGOOS is added to SIP Trunk Group object to support this feature. 

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext default zone <zonename> sipTrunkGroup <Trunkgroup name> processSGConfigWhenTGOOS <[disabled] | enabled> 

SBX-26140: Video Bandwidth SDP Handling Improvements and Enhanced Statistics

The following CLI changes made to implement this feature:

The description of Packet Service Profile's maxVideoBandwith and videoBandwidthReductionFactor are modified to:

  • maxVideoBandwith: Specifies the maximum session bandwidth that can be used for a call with video streams. It Includes the bandwidth for all streams in the call (audio, video, BFCP, and so on). If "0" is the value, video calls are not allowed and only audio calls can be set up which follows the normal allocation process. The value ranges from 0 to 50000 kbps and the default value is 10 kbps.
  • videoBandwidthReductionFactor: Specifies the amount to reduce the session bandwidth allocation for the calls that include video streams. This does not affect the signaling, but affects only the internal allocation of bandwidth used for the calls. The value of this flag is on percentage reduction factor. For example: If the value of this flag is 20, the allocation of bandwidth for the calls is reduced by 20%. So, if the normal bandwidth allocation for calls is 1000 kbps, it gets reduced to 800 kbps.

Two new statistics, ingressSessionBandwidthkbps and egressSessionBandwidthkbps, are added to callDetailStatus object to display the allocated session bandwidth on each leg.

CLI Example (shortened for brevity)
> show status global callDetailStatus
callDetailStatus 524288 {
    mediaStreams                        audio,video;
    state                               Stable;
    callingNumber                       6033317777;
    calledNumber                        9811587876;
    addressTransPerformed               none;
    origCalledNum                       "";
    scenarioType                        SIP_TO_SIP;
    callDuration                        7;
    mediaType                           passthru;
    associatedGcid1                     524288;
    associatedGcid2                     524288;
    associatedGcidLegId1                1;
    associatedGcidLegId2                0;
    ingressSessionBandwidthkbps         525;
    egressSessionBandwidthkbps          525;

SBX-28540: TCP Connection Cleanup When Registration Becomes Inactive

The SIP trunk group flag clearTcpConnectionsforRegistration is added to allow the SBC to clear the TCP connection between UE and SBC once the registration becomes inactive.

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressContext name> zone <zone Name> sipTrunkGroup <TG name> signaling clearTcpConnectionsforRegistration <[disabled] | enabled>

SBX-28807: Check for Charge Number Length on GR394/GR317 ISUP Trunks

The flag gr317ChargeNumberCompliance is added to the ISUP Signaling Profile configuration to check the charge number digit length is in compliance with GR317 which specifies a maximum of 10 digits in IAM message.

CLI Syntax
% set profiles signaling isupSignalingProfile <profile name> gr317ChargeNumberCompliance <supported | [unsupported]>

SBX-29116: Supported/Require/Allow Transparency Profile

The SIP Param Filter Profile is added in this release to allow the operator to create a profile defining a set of SIP header tags and methods to transparently pass or block, and then assign that profile to a trunk group. The SIP headers configured in this profile for pass-through are transparently passed to the Egress trunk group if received in the Ingress SIP message.

CLI Syntax
% set profiles services sipParamFilterProfile <profile name>
        block <all, or comma-separated list of tags/methods to include>
        passthru <all, or comma-separated list of tags/methods to include>
        rejectRequest <[disabled] | enabled>  (flag is applicable to sipHeader 'require' only)
    sipHeader <[allow] | require | supported>
    state <[disabled] | enabled>

SBX-30506: Pseudo Full ICE and MS-Lync ICE Support

The parameter iceKeepaliveTimer is added to NAT Traversal of SIP Trunk Group to extend the existing implementation of full-ICE. This enhancement allows the SBC to inter-operate with other ICE peers which require the connecting peer to act as a full-ICE agent.

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressContext name> zone <zone name> sipTrunkGroup <sipTrunkGroup name> services natTraversal iceSupport iceFull iceKeepaliveTimer <0 to 60 secs, default=15>

SBX-31656: WRTC Signaling and Datachannel Pass-through With ICE Termination 

The following flags and attribute are added are added to enhance DTLS-SRTP support and allow a relay mechanism that transparently passes the DTLS, SRTP and SRTCP packets end-to-end without DTLS certification or SRTP cryptographic encryption and decryption taking place at SBC.

New DTLS flags:

  • dtlsSrtpRelay
  • dtlsSctpRelay

New QOS Values attribute:

  • dtlsSctpDscp


CLI Syntax
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <profile_name> dtls dtlsFlags dtlsSrtpRelay <[disable] | enable>
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <profile_name> dtls dtlsFlags dtlsSctpRelay <[disable] | enable>
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <profile_name> qosValues dtlsSctpDscp <[0]-255>

SBX-31658: Support eDNS extended DNS RFC2671 - RFC6891

The flag, ednsSupport, is added to dnsGroup object to support Extension mechanisms for Domain Name Systems (EDNS) for statically configured and dynamically learned DNS servers.

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressContext_Name> dnsGroup <dnsGroup_Name> ednsSupport <[disabled] | enabled>

Additionally, two statistics, ednsStatus and ednsFailures, are added to dnsServerStatistics object to display the current status of DNS server and the number of EDNS failed queries.

CLI Example
> show table addressContext addr_1 dnsGroup DNSGrp1 dnsServerStatistics
                                                                      TCP         TCP
                                                          TOTAL TCP   CONNECTION  CONNECTION  TCP                 TCP       EDNS       EDNS
1  2        0         0       0          0           0           0           0                   0         supported  0 

SBX-31974: SMM Enhancements Phase-5

Several SMM enhancements are included in this release.

  • The SIP Adaptor Profile SMM rules are editable without changing the administrative state in a live environment.
  • Two new criterion values, variables-equal and variables-not-equal, are added to determine if the two variables exist and if they are equal
  • Five new CDR fields (SMM-Field-1 through SMM-Field-5) are added to log the proprietary information to the accounting records using the SMM rules:
  • The SBC is enhanced to generate and send PRACK messages internally, and send the PRACK back to the IAD if an incoming 18x with 100Rel is dropped.
  • The SBC is enhanced to create SMM rules to directly manipulate SDP in a more refined way.
  • The ADD operation is enhanced for the user to:
    • add a line to the session block
    • add a line to the specific media stream
    • add a parameter to the specific SDP line in either session block or media stream
    • add a codec (codec name) to a specific instance of a particular media stream or all instances of that particular media stream
    • add a new stream to the SDP
  • The DELETE operation is enhanced for the user to:
    • delete a line in the session block
    • delete a line in a specific media stream
    • delete a parameter from a specific SDP line
    • delete a codec (codec name) in a specific instance of a particular media stream or all instances of that particular media stream
    • delete a codec by the position as it appears in the "m=" line in a specific instance of a particular media stream or all instances of that particular media stream
  • The GET operation is enhanced for the user to store the:
    • payload type for a given codec (full codec name) in a specific instance of a particular media stream
    • codec position as it appears in the "m=" line for given codec (partial codec will be supported) in a specific instance of a particular media stream
  • The STORE operation is enhanced for the user to store:
    • a line in the session
    • a line in a specific media stream
    • a parameter in a specific SDP line
  • The FILTER-CODEC operation is enhanced to filter or re-arrange the codec in a particular media stream. The from operand value represents the codec pattern being applied for the filtering.
  • The CONDITION EXIST criterion is enhanced to:
    • use a new criterion type, sdpContent, to determine whether specific media stream contains any codec specific criterion
    • use a new messageBody type, messageBody: SDP, to detemine whether the SDP content exist in the message body


SBX-32133: Quick Re-registration on Alternate SIP Server When Primary Server is Down

The following IPSP parameters are added in support of quick re-registration on an alternate SIP server when the primary server is down :

The registrarRecovery parameter is added to IPSP commonIpAttributes object, and includes following flags:

    • deRegisterAlternateOnPrimaryRecovery
    • overrideInternalExpiresTimer
    • registerToAlternateOnPrimaryDown
    • revertToPrimaryOnRecovery

The SIP Trunk Group  queryPsxOnNextRefreshRegister request command is added with the following options:

    • newRegistrarIndex
    • overRideInternalExpires
    • registrarFqdn
    • registrarIpAddress


CLI Syntax
% set profiles signaling ipSignalingProfile <IpSignalingProfile Name> commonIpAttributes registrarRecovery
Possible completions:
  registerToAlternateOnPrimaryDown - Register to Alternate on Primary Down.
  overrideInternalExpiresTimer - Override Internal Expires Timers.
  revertToPrimaryOnRecovery    - Revert to Primary Registrar on Recovery.
  deRegisterAlternateOnPrimaryRecovery - Deregister Alternate On Primary Registrar Recovery.
CLI Syntax
% request addressContext <addressContextName> zone <zoneName> sipTrunkGroup <sipTrunkGroupName> cmds queryPsxOnNextRefreshRegister
Possible completions:
  newRegistrarIndex       - Route index to attempt after force PSX query.
  overRideInternalExpires - Over-ride SBX intenal expires timer.
  registrarFqdn           - Command applies only for registrations towards this REGISTRAR: FQDN.
  registrarIpAddress      - Command applies only for registrations towards this REGISTRAR: IP Address.

SBX-32846: IMS LI Phase 2 - MSRP, BFCP, RTCP, and VIDEO Interception

The SBC is enhanced to support various flavors of LI and a generic Call Data Channel (CDC) model to support any new flavors of LI. 

The following parameters are added under CDC object:

  • interceptStandard
  • vendorId
  • mediationServer
  • media
  • tcp
  • udp
  • signaling
  • dscpValue
  • ipAddress
  • portNumber
  • state
  • mode
  • protocolType
  • rtcpInterception

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressContext name> intercept callDataChannel (CDC name)
    interceptStandard < etsi | [packetcable] | threeGpp>
    vendorId <[none] | ss8 | utimaco | verint>
    mediationServer <mediationServer name, 1-8 characters>
        media <tcp | udp>
            dscpValue <0-63, default=16>
            ipAddress <IPv4/IPv6 address>
            mode <inService | [outOfService]>
            portNumber <[0]-65535>
            protocolType <[tcp] | udp>
            state <[disabled] | enabled>
    rtcpInterception <[disabled] | enabled>

SBX-33422: Metric for Simultaneous Active and Stable Sessions for an Interval of Time

The SBC is enhanced to allow a percentage of sessions beyond the purchased session license capacity to measure the maximum amount of simultaneously active and stable sessions over a configurable time interval.

Two statistics, callCountCurrentStatistics and callCountIntervalStatistics are added to the Global object.

CLI Example
> show table global callCountCurrentStatistics
entry  0
> show table global callCountIntervalStatistics
               INTERVAL        CALL
2       entry  true      1548  0
3       entry  true      2448  0
4       entry  true      3348  0
5       entry  true      4248  0


A new configuration flag, callCountTimeInterval, is added to intervalStatistics object.

CLI Syntax
% set system intervalStatistics callCountTimeInterval <5-60 minutes, default=15>

SBX-34194: MS Lync/Skype Remote Desktop Sharing Support on SBC

The following parameters are added to the sipTrunkGroup to allow the SBC to support MS Lync/Skype remote desktop sharing. 

  • lyncShare
  • iceTcpRole

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressCnotext_name> zone <zone_name> sipTrunkGroup <sipTrunkGroup_name> media lyncShare <disabled | [enabled]>
% set addressContext <addressCnotext_name> zone <zone_name> sipTrunkGroup <sipTrunkGroup_name> services natTraversal iceSupport iceLync iceTcpRole <active| [passive]>

SBX-34837: Alarm Mgr Synchronization Support of EMS REST

The 'request alarms' command is enhanced with the following options.

  • comment alarm – Add comments/notes to a specific alarm using alarm Id.
  • state alarm – Set operator state of a specific alarm using alarm Id
CLI Syntax
> request alarms current
        comment alarm
               id <integer>
               text <operator comment>
        state alarm
               acknowledgeState <acknowledge | unAcknowledge>
               id <integer>

SBX-35114: Extend Registration Search Based on Partial Address of Record

The following statistics are added to addressContext sipActiveRegisterNameStatus table to allow the SBC to search the registration name status based on part of the Address of Record (AOR), plus provides the ability to search the entries which are not in the statistics table but registered in the SBC application using a part of the AOR name or the entire AOR name. :

  • externalExpirationTimeLeft

  • internalExpirationTimeLeft

  • regId
  • transportProtocolToAS

  • transportProtocolToEndpoint

In this example, userPart is used as first parameter to retrieve the entry status that is not in the table but registered in the SBC application.

CLI Example
> show status addressContext default sipActiveRegisterNameStatus 67891 0
state                       completed;
contactURI                  sip:67891@;
nextHopIpAddress  ;
nextHopPortNum              7070;
registrarPortNum            7080;
externalExpirationTime      1800;
internalExpirationTime      3600;
creationTime                2016-01-28T06:39:34+00:00;
registrarDomainName         "";
endPointBehindNapt          0;
natPinholeLearningStatus    none;
securityMechanismType       none;
registrationType            normal;
e2aeMediaSecurity           none;
isRoaming                   0;
transportProtocolToEndpoint udp;
transportProtocolToAS       udp;
externalExpirationTimeLeft  1602;
internalExpirationTimeLeft  3052;
regId                       9996; 

SBX-35400: SMM Full Dialog Stateful Variable Support

The SBC is enhanced to support Dialog Stateful variables for Out-of-Dialog SUBSCRIBE messages when advancedSMM is enabled, in addition to INVITE and REGISTER.

CLI Syntax
% set profiles signaling sipAdaptorProfile SMM_Test advancedSMM <[disabled] | enabled>

SBX-35473: Media Type Based CAC Support 

The SBC is enhanced to provide bandwidth Call Admission Control (CAC) per supported media type by limiting video streams to specified bandwidth limits in order to provide a level of protection from video calls consuming call bandwidth otherwise needed for audio calls. This protection is implemented on SBC Core by setting video thresholds (bandwidthVideoThreshold) to specific limits at the zone, trunk group, endpoint and shared CAC levels. The thresholds are a percentage of the total bandwidth limit such that any traffic above this level is reserved for audio-only calls. This video threshold limit behaves the same for emergency as well as non-emergency calls. Any video calls above the video threshold limit are dropped to allow audio calls to use this bandwidth.

NOTE:  Bandwidth CAC is not available for MSRP, data channels, FECC and BFCP streams.

CLI Syntax
set addressContext <addressContext name> zone <zone name> cac bandwidthVideoThreshold <0-100>
set addressContext <addressContext name> zone <zone name> sipTrunkGroup <sip tg name> cac bandwidthVideoThreshold <0-100> 

set global cac sharedCacLimitsPool <pool name> bandwidthVideoThreshold <0-100> 
set profiles sipCacProfile <profile name> bandwidthVideoThreshold <0-100> 


The following status and statistics commands are added in support of this feature:

CLI Syntax
show status addressContext default zone ZONE_AS callFailureCurrentStatistics videoThresholdLimit
show status addressContext default zone ZONE_AS callFailureIntervalStatistics videoThresholdLimit

show status global cac sharedCacFailureCurStats videoThresholdLimit
show status global cac sharedCacFailureIntervalStats videoThresholdLimit

show status addressContext zoneCurrentStatistics videoThresholdLimit 
show status addressContext zoneIntervalStatistics videoThresholdLimit
show status addressContext default zone ZONE_IAD sipPeerCacStatus videoThresholdLimit

SBX-35522: Use Same ICID in the Generated P-Charging-Vector

The storeICID flag is added to SIP Trunk Group signaling object to allow the SBC to retain the same ICID value generated during the first egressed INVITE in the P-Charging-Vector header in an egressed INVITE. This flag is configured on the egress trunk group.

CLI Syntax
% set addressContext <addressContext_Name> zone <zone_Name> sipTrunkGroup <sipTrunkGroup_Name> signaling storeICID <[disabled] | enabled>

SBX-36026: Upgrade Manager Enhancements

A new system status command, softwareUpgradeDetailedStatus, is added to view the detailed upgrade log of the LSWU upgrade process including the number of steps involved, the time taken to complete the upgrade and the results of the upgrade process.

CLI Syntax
> show table system softwareUpgradeDetailedStatus <SYSTEM_NAME> detailedStatus

SBX-38342: RTCP Support For Held Calls Using RR-RS Bandwidth Modifier

The following attributes are added to rtcpOptions of packetServiceProfile object:

  • enableRTCPForHeldCalls
  • rrBandwidth
  • rsBandwidth


CLI Syntax
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <profile name> rtcpOptions rtcp enable enableRTCPForHeldCalls <[disable] | enable>
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <profile name> rtcpOptions rtcp enable enableRTCPForHeldCalls enable rrBandwidth <100-4000, default=250>
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <profile name> rtcpOptions rtcp enable enableRTCPForHeldCalls enable rsBandwidth <100-3000, default=250>

The flag, initialCodecMode, is added to the codec of codecEntry object. This flag is applicable for AMR and AMR-WB codecs.

CLI Syntax
% set profiles media codecEntry <codecEntry object> codec <AMR, AMRWB codec> initialCodecMode <[disable] | enable>


The flag, sendRTCPBandwidthInfo, is added to Common Flags of IP Signaling Profile object.


CLI Syntax
% set profiles signaling ipSignalingProfile <profile name> commonIpAttributes flags sendRTCPBandwidthInfo <[disable] | enable> 

SBX-38760: Enable SBC REST M2M Access by Default for all Administrator and Calea Users

The default value of localAuth user m2mAccess flag is changed to "enabled" for Administrator and Calea users (only) to enable SBC REST M2M access by default for these.

CLI Syntax
% set oam localAuth user <user name> m2mAccess <disabled | [enabled]>


SBX-41133: LSWU enhancment for advertiseAudioOnly flag

The advertiseAudioOnly is added to SIP trunk group object to allow the SBC to send only the main audio/image stream in the SDP offer for the following LSWU scenarios:

  • when a live software upgrade is performed on software versions earlier than SBC 4.0, the advertiseAudioOnly flag by default is enabled.
  • when a live software upgrade is performed on SBC 4.0 or later, but prior to SBC 5.1 versions, by default the advertiseAudioOnly flag is disabled. You must manually enable the flag if required.
  • when a live software upgrade is performed on SBC 5.1 or later versions, the advertiseAudioOnly flag value is retained.


CLI Syntax
> set addressContext default  <zone_name> sipTrunkGroup <SIP_trunk_group_name> media advertiseAudioOnly <disabled | enabled>

SBX-41511: Media Policer Reservation For Worst Case Codec

By default, the SBC reserves the worst case common audio codec bandwidth on trunk groups and IP interfaces for pass-through calls, and polices for the same bandwidth. To facilitate asymmetric pass-through calls scenarios/cases and to police on the heaviest codec in the offer or answer, the PSP flag policeOnHeaviestAudioCodec is added in this release.


CLI Syntax
% set profiles media packetServiceProfile <packet ServiceProfile name> flags policeOnHeaviestAudioCodec <[disable] | enable> 

SBX-44375: Make GRHA User Configurable

The setHaConfig configuration is included in this release to configure SBC for Geographical Redundancy High Availability (GRHA) mode when active and standby servers are located in two different data centers to protect SBCs against data center and network failures. To configure/change just one setting, use currentValue option for the other setting.

CLI Syntax
> request system admin <system name> setHaConfig
    bondMonitoring <currentValue | direct-connect | network-connect>
    leaderElection <currentValue | enhanced | standard> 

Bond monitoring is only applicable to SBC 5000/7000 series platforms.

This feature is not configurable during software installation nor is it changeable during an upgrade.

SBX-46425: Linux OS Account Lockout Enhancement

A new object, bruteForceAttackOS is added to Account Management to configure the number of consecutive failed login attempts to Linux OS, and includes the following parameters:

  • OSstate
  • allowOSAutoUnlock
  • consecutiveFailedOSAttemptAllowed
  • unlockOSTime


CLI Syntax
% set system admin <System_Name> accountManagement bruteForceAttackOS
    allowOSAutoUnlock <[disabled] | enabled>
    consecutiveFailedOSAttemptAllowed <1-10, default=3>
    OSstate <[disabled] | enabled>
    unlockOSTime <[30]-5400 seconds> 

SBX-47713: SBC Enhancment to Allow the PSX to Specify the Cause Code Profile

The sipCauseMapping object is added to Egress IP Attributes of the IP Signaling Profile to create Cause Mapping profile names using the following parameters.

  • sipToInternalCauseMappingProfileName
  • internalToSipCauseMappingProfileName


CLI Syntax
% set profiles signaling ipSignalingProfile <ipSignalingProfile_Name> egressIpAttributes sipCauseMapping sipToInternalCauseMappingProfileName <sipToInternalProfile_Name>

% set profiles signaling ipSignalingProfile <ipSignalingProfile_Name> egressIpAttributes sipCauseMapping internalToSipCauseMappingProfileName <internalToSIPProfile_Name>


The causeMap object is added to signaling profiles to create profile to map CPC and SIP using the following parameters:

  • cpcCause <cpcCause_Value>
  • sipCause <sipCause_Value>


CLI Syntax
% set profiles signaling sipCauseCodeMapping sipToCpcCauseMapProfile <sipToCpcCauseMapProfile_Name> baseProfile defaultSipCpc causeMap <causeMap_Value> cpcCause <cpcCause_Value>
% set profiles signaling sipCauseCodeMapping cpcToSipCauseMapProfile <cpcToSipCauseMapProfile_Name> baseProfile defaultCpcSip causeMap <causeMap_Value> sipCause <sipCause_Value>


Deprecated CLI


Table : Deprecated CLI

Command / CLI Object ImpactedDeprecated CLIEffective Release
show table systemCongestionStatussystemCongestionMemLevel4.2.6R0
set system congestion"static" option4.2.6R0
set system congestion adaptive MCLevel"mc0" level4.2.6R0
set profiles system overloadProfilestaticMode parameter4.2.6R0
set profiles system overloadProfile "memory" option for setDuration, clearDuration, setThreshold, clearThreshold configurations4.2.6R0
set system adminmanagementIpVersion5.0.0R0
request system admin commandcommitSoftwareUpgrade5.0.0R0
show status system serverSoftwareUpgradeStatus
"committed" option5.0.0R0
show status addressContext <addressContext name> sipSubCountStatistics sipSubCountTotal5.0.5R0
request system admin <system Name> revertSoftwareUpgrade
request system admin <system Name> commitSoftwareUpgrade
H.323 IP Signaling Profile commonIpAttributes flags
  • addPChargingFuncAddr
  • disableMediaLockDown
  • fromHeaderAnonymisation
  • sendRTCPBandwidthInfo
  • sendRtcpPortInSdp
  • terminalPortabilityInterworking
  • usePsxRouteforRegisteredInvite
Packet Service ProfilemediaLockDownForPassThrough5.1.0R0
  • primaryTcpChannelStatus.
  • secondaryTcpChannnelStatus.
  • DSRSuccess
  • DSRFailures

  • No labels