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The ESD wrist strap is included in the accessory kit to prevent the buildup of static electricity in your body which can damage sensitive electronic components while removing, inserting or replacing components.

Locate the ESD wrist strap in the accessory kit and attach the cable end to the ESD grounding point on the front or back panel of the SBC chassis. Place the wrist band on your non-dominate hand (the left wrist for a right-handed person). The following figure shows the location of the ESD grounding points on the front and back panel of the SBC 7000 series chassis.

Connect the ESD wrist strap to either the installed chassis grounding points (preferred) or directly to the grounded equipment rack.

Figure : Front Chassis Grounding Point


Figure : Rear Chassis Grounding Point


The  symbol is used throughout this documentation to identify ESD protective devices such as the ESD wrist strap.

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