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The Daughter Board Admin table resides at the Server/CE level as opposed to System/Global level so the user can perform activities on a Standby server without impacting the active Server/Sessions.

This table is not applicable for systems with SPS100 DSP cards. There are no Delete operations provided on this table.

Command Syntax

% set system daughterBoardAdmin <system name>
	<slot 1-4>
	disableCleanupType <forced | graceful>
	dryupTime <0-60 minutes>
	state <disabled | enabled>

Command Parameters

<slot number>


The slot associated with the DSP2x card.

disableCleanupType N/A

The type of cleanup action to take when disabling the DSP card.

  • forced
  • graceful (default) 
dryupTime 0-60

The amount of time, in minutes, to perform the cleanup action. (default = 10)

This setting only applies when the disableCleanupType is set to "graceful". If the server module has not dried up by the time this limit expires, the remaining active calls are abruptly terminated.

A dryup limit of "0" allows the system to wait indefinitely for the dryup to complete.

Administrative state of the DSP card.

  • disabled
  • enabled (default)



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