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This section includes documentation reports identifying pages which have changed due to new and/or modified content since the last major or sustaining release.

Each report includes two sections. One section lists pages which include new content since the last release, and the other section lists pages with modified content since the last release. Simply click on the page link of interest to view the new or modified content.

See the next section to learn how to view changes on a page.

How to View Changes on a Page

To view recent changes on a particular page, do the following:

  1. Select Tools > Info from the menu bar.

    Figure : Tools > Info

    The Info page displays listing page details separated into sections such as Incoming Links, Outgoing Links, Hierarchy, Recent Changes and so forth. The Recent Changes section displays a list of up to five of the most recent changes on a page.

  2. To view the most recent changes for a particular date, click "View Changes" for a particular date.

    Figure : View Changes

  3. To view a list of all page versions, do the following:

    1. Click "View Page History".

      Figure : View Page History

    2. Select two page versions, and then click Compare selected versions.

      Figure : Compare Selected Versions

    3. View changes on the page using the following page comparison key of the highlighted text:

      Figure : Page Changes Key


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