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Use the Event Log object to create, configure, disable and enable system and subsystem level log files to capture system, security, debug, packet, trace and accounting events.

Event Types:

  • System audit data
  • System debugging data
  • Security level events
  • System level events
  • System trace data

For each event type, an event class (subsystem) and severity threshold can be configured. Event classes include:

  • Audit
  • Call processing
  • Directory services
  • Network management
  • Policy
  • Resource management
  • Network routing
  • Security
  • Signaling
  • System management
  • Call trace

The ROLLFILE facility provides a means of closing the active log file and opening a new one with an incremented (name) suffix. This facilitates real-time analysis of system events by performing the analysis on closed, rather than opened and growing, files.


For configuration details, see:


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