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This section displays the number of active and stable sessions for the specified number of intervals.

On SBC main screen, go to All > Global > Sessions > Call Count Interval Statistics. The Call Count Interval Statistics window is displayed.

Figure : Call Count Interval Statistics


By default only ten entries are displayed in a view. You can choose the number of entries to be displayed under the Show entries drop down box.

The following parameters are displayed:

Figure : Call Count Interval Statistics Parameters



Specifies a sequence number which identifies the interval for which the set of statistics are required.


Specifies a dummy key to be added to non-config scalar element container (even when only one row is allowed in the container).

Interval Valid

Specifies interval validity. The options are:

  • True
  • False


Specifies the system Up time when the interval statistic is collected.

Call Count

Specifies the maximum number of stable calls for a configured interval time.

To set the interval, refer System - Interval Statistics.

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