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The Logical Management IP Interface is a virtual management IP interface configurable using CLI syntax described in this section.


A Logical Management Interface must include both physical management interfaces. Therefore, it should contain all four interfaces. Otherwise, this will result in a confd restart and ahealthcheck timeout (system down time) if the physical interface underlying the logical interface goes down.


Command Syntax

set system logicalMgmtIpInterface <intfc_name>
	ipAddress <ip address>
	mgmtIpInterfaceGroupName <name>
	state <disabled | enabled>
	useIpAddrAsSnmpSource <false | true>

Command Parameters

Table : Logical Management IP Interface





The logical management IP interface name.


The logical IP address of the interface. The following IP address types are supported:

  • IPv4 – Uses dotted decimal format (for example
  • IPv6 – Uses hexadecimal/colon format (for example, 1280:1276:3350:2224:2222:3333:8888:1245 or fd00:21:445:128::7880).


The name of the management IP interface group used by this logical IP interface.


Administrative state of the logical management IP interface.

  • disabled (default) – The logical management IP address is not being used for chassis management.
  • enabled – The logical management IP address is being used for chassis management.


Set this flag to “true” to receive SNMP requests on this logical management IP address, and to use this address as the source for SNMP responses, alarms and traps.

  • true
  • false (default)


This flag can only be enabled on one logical management interface at a time.

Command Example

To display the logical management IP interface configuration:

% show system logicalMgmtIpInterface LogMgmt  
	mgmtIpInterfaceGroupName mgmtGroup;  
	ipAddress 3FFE:1900:4545:3:200:F8FF:FE21:67CF;  
	state enabled;
	useIpAddrAsSnmpSource true;

To display the logical management IP interface configuration for two subnets:

 % show system logicalMgmtIpInterface 
	logicalMgmtIpInterface AGMGM { 
		mgmtIpInterfaceGroupName mgmtGroup1; 
		state enabled;
		useIpAddrAsSnmpSource disabled;
	logicalMgmtIpInterface HAMGM { 
		mgmtIpInterfaceGroupName mgmtGroup; 
		state enabled; 
		useIpAddrAsSnmpSource disabled;


When configuring the management interfaces on two subnets, a logical management IP interface is needed for each subnet.
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