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Use this object to configure packet ports.

To View Packet Admin

On SBC main screen, go to Configuration > System Setup > Management > Packet Admin. The Packet Admin window is displayed.

Figure : Management - Packet Admin

To Edit Packet Admin

To edit any of the Packet Admins in the list, click the radio button next to the specific Packet Admin name.

Figure : Management - Packet Admin Highlighted

The Edit Selected Packet Admin window is displayed below.

Figure : Management - Packet Admin Edit

The following fields are displayed:

Table : Management - Packet Admin Parameters



Ce Name

Enter the Ce name for management admin.

Port Name

Enter the port number.

Port Index

Enter the port index.

Make the required changes and click Save to save the changes.

Packet Admin Commands

The switchover parameter is added to the system ethernetPort packetAdmin command to allow a user to initiate a port switchover within the SBC 7000 series redundancy pair. Logical port pkt0 is mapped to one of the physical ports (pkt0_p or pkt0_s) in the redundancy pair which is in ACTIVE role. Assuming that primary port pkt0_p is in ACTIVE role and secondary port pkt0_s is in STANDBY role, logical port pkt0 is mapped to pkt0_p.

When the command is executed, secondary port pkt0_s is switched to ACTIVE role and primary port pkt0_p is switched to STANDBY role. Logical port pkt0 mapping would be changed to point to secondary port pkt0_s. SBC allows the user to toggle the roles of physical ports in redundancy pair and change the mapping of logical port with physical ports in redundancy pair accordingly.

This command can be executed only on ACTIVE CE (node).

Figure : Management - Packet Admin Commands

The following parameter is displayed:

Table : Packet Admin




Initiate port switchover within a redundancy pair. This command applies only to packet ports (pkt0/pkt1) on active SBC 7000 series.

Choose switchover and click Select.

A pop up window appears with the select Packet Admin Command. Click switchover to continue.

Figure : Management - Packet Admin Command Switchover

A pop up message appears seeking your confirmation to switch the physical ports associated with the logical ports.

Figure : Management - Packet Admin Command Confirmation

Click OK to switch the physical port.


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