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SBC Core licensing requires customers to use SBC features through software license keys purchased and obtained from Sonus. Once purchased, customers install and manage SBC licenses using the Embedded Management Application (EMA) License Management application. 

License files are bound to the SBC's host ID. For chassis-based systems (SBC 51x0, 52x0, 7000), the host ID is the serial number attached to the hardware. 


The SBC SWe uses the Virtual Machine UUID as the host ID.

For a stand-alone SBC, the machine’s host ID must be contained in the license file to be valid. Likewise, for a SBC HA pair the host ID of both machines must be contained in the license file to be valid. License files can contain up to two SBC serial numbers (or UUIDs).

Serial Numbers (SBC 51x0, 52x0, 7000)

To obtain the serial number of either a stand-alone or a HA pair SBC, login to the SBC EMA and navigate to Monitoring > Dashboard > System Status. The System Status window appears. The serial number(s) display in the third column of the Server Status table as depicted in the examples below.


Figure : Server Status - Serial Number HA-Pair

Figure : Server Status - Serial Number Standalone


The SBC SWe uses the Virtual Machine's Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) number instead of a serial number as shown in the example below.


Figure : Server Status - Serial Number SWe


The SBC licenses listed on subsequent pages in this section are the currently enforceable SBC licenses. Please contact your Sonus sales representative for licensing details.

Installing Licenses

To install, delete or view SBC licenses, or view currently installed licenses, refer to the EMA page System Administration - License Management.