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The Fan Assembly, a Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU), is located on the left side of the chassis and contains three fans, as shown in the figure Fan Assembly. The Fan Assembly product code is SBC-5XXX-FANASSEMBLY.

Figure : Fan Assembly

The Fan Assemblies are hot-swappable meaning that a Fan Assembly may be replaced without powering down the SBC 5000 series platform (provided that the fan is replaced within five minutes of removing the original Fan Assembly).

Parts and Tools Required

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) strap
  • The Replacement Fan Assembly
  • A #2 Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Torque driver with a #2 Phillips bit.


To prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, an ESD strap is provided in the accessory kit. See Connecting Electrostatic Discharge Wrist Strap to install it.

Replacing the Fan Assembly

Perform the following steps to replace the Fan Assembly:

  1. Remove the bezel from the front of the chassis (see SBC 5000 Series Bezel for procedure).
  2. Attach an Electrostatic Discharge wrist strap to the ESD grounding point on the front panel of the   chassis, and place the other end around your wrist (see Connecting Electrostatic Discharge Wrist Strap for details). 
  3. Identify the faulty Fan Assembly by checking for Fan Assembly LED which is not lit.
  4. Loosen the captive fastener on the Fan Assembly to be removed. Captive screws are spring-loaded and remain in the Fan Assembly face plate as shown in the figure.

    Figure : Removing the fan assembly

  5. Grab hold of the captive fastener housing and pull it to disengage the Fan Assembly from the chassis.

    When a Fan Assembly is nonfunctional or removed, the speed of the two remaining Fan Assemblies increases to compensate for the missing fan.

  6. Install the replacement Fan Assembly into the chassis.

  7. Tighten the captive fastener to 10 inch/lbs using the torque driver.

  8. Verify that the Fan Status LED is green.

    Figure : Fan status LEDs

  9. Remove the ESD wrist strap from the chassis.

  10. Reinstall the front panel Bezel.

  11. From the application, verify that the Fan Failure alarms are not generated.

  12. Verify that the fan failure LED on the front panel is OFF.

CRU Storage

All SBC 5000 series CRUs are shipped in electrostatic discharge bags and should be handled using appropriate ESD precautions.

 The storage environment for these CRUs are:

  • Humidity must be of less than 95% (non-condensing)
  • Temperature must be between -40C and +70C.


The ESD Susceptibility symbol warns of the presence of Sonus devices susceptible to electrostatic discharge. Do not handle equipment without wearing a properly grounded ESD wrist strap.

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