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SBC 7000 series chassis is is shipped with two dual redundant AC power supplies. Dual redundancy means the power supplies are hot-swappable. In other words, you can replace a power supply without powering down the SBC 7000 series platform (provided that the redundant Power Supply is operational).

Figure 1 depicts a dual redundant configuration. The product codes for AC Power Supplies are:

  • SBC-7000-PSUAC

Figure : AC Power Supply

The Power OK (POK) LED is displayed at the right hand bottom of the Power Suppy panel (marked in yellow).


Before replacing a Power Supply in a redundant Power Supply configuration, verify the status of the redundant Power Supply. The Power OK (POK) LED status must be solid green. Removing the Power Supply when the redundant supply does not show a solid green status, may cause the system to power down. Contact Sonus Customer Support if required.

Parts and Tools Required

To replace a faulty power supply, the following items are needed:

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) strap
  • Replacement AC power supply
  • A #2 Phillips-head screwdriver


To prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, use the provided ESD strap when handling the power supplies.

Replacing an AC Power Supply

Perform the following procedure to replace a Power Supply:

  1. Verify the Power OK (POK) green LED of the redundant Power Supply is lit.
  2. Attach an Electrostatic Discharge wrist strap to the ESD grounding point on the back panel of the chassis, and place the other end around your wrist. Follow the instructions provided in the section Connecting Electrostatic Discharge Wrist Strap on SBC 7000.
  3. Move the release lever to the left and pull the Power Supply out from the rear of the chassis.

    Figure : Replacing an AC Power Supply

  4. Install the replacement AC Power Supply to the SBC 7000 series chassis by sliding it forward until you hear the latch click in place.
    The AC Power Supply has two LEDs per each AC Line, OK and Power OK (POK).

  5. The AC Line OK is turned on when the power supply is connected to the AC power source to verify the existence of the AC power. The Power OK (POK) indicates that the power supply is enabled and it is supplying the SBC 7000 series with power.

  6. Observe that the POK green LED on the newly-inserted Power Supply is solid green. It takes maximum 1 minute for the Power Supply to turn on.
  7. From the application, ensure that no Power Supply alarms are generated.

CRU Storage

All SBC 7000 series CRUs are shipped in electrostatic discharge bags and must be handled using appropriate ESD precautions.

 The storage environment for these CRUs are:

  • Humidity must be less than 95% (non-condensing)
  • Temperature must be between -40C and +70C.


The ESD Susceptibility symbol warns of the presence of Sonus devices susceptible to electrostatic discharge. Do not handle equipment without wearing a properly grounded ESD wrist strap.

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