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The front Bezel includes a washable Air Filter. The Air Filter part number is:


Figure : Air Filter

Replace the Air Filter annually and clean it every 90 days. In a dirty environment, or when you start getting frequent temperature alarms, frequently check the intake grilles for debris. If the operating environment is dirty, replace the filter more frequently.

Parts and Tools Required

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) strap


To prevent damage from electrostatic discharge, an ESD strap is provided in the accessory kit. See Connecting Electrostatic Discharge Wrist Strap on SBC 7000 to install it.


UL Classified

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc has classified Air Filter as Class 2 (flammability only).

Replacing the Air Filter

The Air Filter is hot-swappable that is, the Bezel can be removed and filter can be cleaned or replaced without powering down the SBC chassis.

Perform the following procedure to replace the Air Filter:

  1. Attach an Electrostatic Discharge wrist strap by using the ESD grounding point on the front panel of the chassis (see Connecting Electrostatic Discharge Wrist Strap on SBC 7000 for details).
  2. Remove the Bezel assembly (see SBC 7000 Series Bezel).
  3. Take the Bezel assembly to a work area not in the vicinity of the air intake of the SBC chassis ensuring any loose particles are not drawn into the SBC chassis during the filter removal procedure.
  4. Set Bezel assembly face down on a work surface.

  5. The Air Filter can be accessed inside the front Bezel.
  6. Un-clip the Air Filter from the Bezel and pull it out.

    Figure : Un-clipping the Air Filter

  7. Once the filter is washed or replaced, insert the Air Filter into the Bezel.

    Figure : Inserting the replaced or washed Air Filter

  8. Push down the free sides of the air filter, such that it is attached to the Bezel.

    Figure : Pushing down the Air Filter to fit to the Bezel

  9. Reattach the Bezel assembly to the SBC chassis (SBC 7000 Series Bezel).

CRU Storage

All SBC 7000 series CRUs are shipped in electrostatic discharge (ESD) bags and must be handled by using appropriate ESD precautions. The storage environment for these CRUs are:

  • Humidity must be less than 95% (non-condensing).
  • Temperature must be between -40C and +70C.

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