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The SBC Core supports the following AoR (Address of Record) contact features:

  • Using zone-level configuration to determine the direction of a request and perform more accurate RCB lookups.

  • Up to 16 signaling ports per zone. To configure multiple SIP signaling ports in the same zone via CLI, see zone sipSigPort - CLI in the CLI Command Reference.
    With multiple signaling ports per zone, the SBC supports:
    • Selecting a different egress SIP signaling port for multiple contacts for the same AoR as much as possible.
    • Sending all requests from a registered user on the egress side through the same SIP signaling port towards the registrar.
    • Identifying whether a SIP signaling port is facing the IAD side or the registrar side.

To enable multiple contacts per AoR via CLI, see Signaling - Global - CLI from CLI Command Reference page.

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