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The Transparency Profile is the recommended method of configuring transparency on the SBC Core for new deployments as well as when applying additional transparency configurations to existing deployments. Do not use IPSP flags in these scenarios because the flags will be retired in upcoming releases.

Refer to the SBC SIP Transparency Implementation Guide for additional information.

A Transparency Profile is a user-configurable profile allowing the user to transparently pass almost any SIP header/body through the SBC. It is no longer necessary for a user to request SBC to create a specific Transparency Flag for the desired header/body.

Both already-known and previously-unknown SIP headers and bodies can be configured in a Transparency Profile. By default, no headers or message bodies are present in a Transparency Profile. If a received Content-Type header value matches any “Message Body” entry configured in the Transparency Profile, the SBC transparently passes the corresponding message body in the outgoing message. The SBC supports configuring up to 256 Transparency Profiles.

The following functionality is included:

  • Ability to transparently pass "all" SIP headers and message body types.
  • Selectively ignore transparency of select headers and message body types (useful when transparency is enabled for all headers and/or message body types).
  • Exclude one or more methods for which transparency of headers or message body types is not needed.

For more information on SIP Transparency Profile, refer to: