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This section provides information on logging into the SBC REST API.

Perform the following steps to login to SBC REST API:

  1. Create a new user or use existing admin user.

  2. If the password is not reset, then reset the system-generated password using  CLI or EMA.

  3. In /system/admin/{SYSTEM_NAME}/rest/state, set the rest state to 'enabled'.

  4. In /oam/localAuth/user/{USER}/m2mAccess, set the m2mAccess to 'enabled'.


    Use CLI, EMA or REST API to perform steps 3 and 4.

  5.  Verify REST API access using the command:


     curl -kisu admin:xxxx 


    If the access is successful, response to the above command will be ' 200 OK'.


SBC 5000/7000/SWe REST API documentation is located here:

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