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The SBC Core supports caller privacy dynamically based on privacy header.

The special URI anonymous@host; user=phone in From header field denotes an anonymous user whose presentation is restricted. Microsoft Lync 2010 Mediation Server uses the alias name of user in the FROM header (instead of phone number) and without user=phone parameter, to hide a phone number. The SBC identifies these two cases as presentation restriction. When presentation is restricted, if the SIP trunk has a default number configured, the SBC uses that number in user part of FROM header while sending the egress message.

The SBC Core supports caller privacy for incoming and outgoing calls as described below:

  • For incoming calls from the SIP Trunk that the Enterprise SBC is to present to the Mediation Server, if the Calling Party Number/ANI indicates restricted presentation, the From URI in the SIP INVITE sent to the Mediation Server denotes an anonymous user.
  • For outgoing calls from the Mediation Server, if the From URI in the SIP INVITE sent to the Enterprise SBC denotes an anonymous user or is a SIP URI with an alias name, the SBC excludes or sets default value to Calling Party Number sent to the SIP Trunk.
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