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The SBC Core support enterprise access through H323 IP-PBX's located at customer premises.

Each enterprise can be associated with multiple business locations.Asterisk (star) indicates the fields are mandatory.


You can use the default Address Context or create a new Address Context from ALL perspective.

Prerequisites for the workflow H323 Enterprise Access are:

  • Address context
  • IP Interface group
  • IP Interface


This section provides a high-level understanding of H323 Enterprise Provisioning.

Figure : H323 Enterprise Access Workflow


H323 Enterprise Access Provisioning Flow

The following figure shows the provisioning flow of the H323 Enterprise Access.

Step 1: Set Up Address Context and Zone

Figure : H323 Enterprise Access 1


Perform the following tasks to setup the Zone:

  1. Select H323 Enterprise Access > Setup a Zone.
  2. In the Address Context drop-down list, select the address context.
  3. Select the Zone from the drop-down list. 
  4. Click Next .
  5. To create a new Zone, click Create New Zone next to the Zone drop-down box and enter the following details:
    • Zone Name
    • DNS Group
    • Zone Id
  6. Click Save.

For more information on creating Zone, refer to System Provisioning - Zone.


Step 2: Add a H323 Trunk Group

Figure : H323 Enterprise Access 2

Perform the following tasks to add a H323 Trunk Group.

  1. Enter the H323 Trunk Group Name.
  2. Enter the following details:
    1. Policy
    2. Packet Outage
    3. Call Reservation
    4. CAC
    5. Services
    6. Media
    7. Call Routing
    8. Ingress IP Prefix
  3. Click Next . The following dialog appears:


    Figure : H323 Enterprise Access 3

  4. Click Yes to add more SIP Trunk Group or click No to proceed.

Step 3: Add IP Peer (Optional)

Figure : H323 Enterprise Access 4

Perform the following procedure to add a IP Peer.

You can skip this step, if not required.

  1. Expand IP Peer.
  2. Enter the IP Peer details (Mandatory fields).
  3. Click Next to proceed.
    The following window appears:

    Figure : H323 Enterprise Access 5

  4. Click Yes to add more Ip Peers and click No to continue.

Step 4: Finish and Save

Figure : H323 Entrprise Access 6

Click Finish and Save. The result of this action is displayed.

Figure : Workflow - Result

Click OK to exit.


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