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The BMC web application allows provisioning of NTP server. When the NTP server setting is configured through BMC/CLI, the value is automatically updated in the EMA.


The SBC supports up to three NTP servers. 

Use the following procedure to configure the NTP server using BMC:

  1. Login to the SBC BMC using the IP address configured in the previous section.
    At the prompt, enter:
    Username: root
    Password: superuser
    The SBC BMC main screen appears.

    Figure : BMC Main Screen

  2. Click Configuration > NTP and Date Time Settings. The Date/Time and NTP Server Setting screen is displayed.

    Figure : NTP Server Setting Screen

  3. Select Automatically synchronize Date & Time with NTP Server option and enter the Primary NTP Server and Secondary NTP Server (not mandatory) IP addresses. 

    Figure : Entering NTP Server

  4. Click Save to save the edits made to NTP Settings.


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