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The BMC web application allows provisioning of primary and secondary host management interfaces. When the host management interfaces are configured, a direct link from BMC is enabled to EMA for installing and upgrading the SBC 5000 series application.

Use the following procedure to configure the primary and secondary host management interfaces:

  1. Login to SBC BMC using the IP address configured in the previous section. At the prompt, enter:
    Username: root
    Password: superuser
    The SBC BMC main screen appears.

    Figure : BMC Main Screen

  2. Click Configuration > Platform Management Network. The Platform Management Network Settings options are displayed. However, if the management addresses are not configured (first time installation), a warning message is displayed stating the same and requesting you to add all the required details.

    Figure : Warning Message

  3. Click OK. The Platform Management Network Settings screen displayed.

  4. Configure the following network settings for both the Management Interface 0 and 1.
    - IPv4 Address or/and IPv6 Address
    - Prefix
    - Default Gateway

    Figure : Platform Management Network Settings

  5. Click Save.

    When upgrading from an application software release prior to SBC 3.1.x, an IPv4-mapped IPv6 address is applied as an unusable placeholder in the IPv6 management address. This mapped address must be removed or set to a valid IPv6 address when updating the management addresses via BMC.
    If you update the Management IP address through BMC and click Save, you must reinstall the SBC application software. If you update the management IP using CLI, EMS or EMA, it is automatically updated in the BMC and re-installation is not required.

    Figure : Warning Message

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