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Use Digit Manipulation to modify digits in called party and calling party, as well as any of the supported generic numbers. Digit manipulation replaces digits, adds digits or removes digits from telephone numbers during the processing of the routing request. Use Parameter Manipulation (PM) to modify the values of important SIP-I and SIP parameters.

DM/PM rules are entities that enable the SBC Core to perform operations such as:

  • Digit manipulation of numbers of various number types
  • Parameter manipulation of various SIP-I and SIP URI parameters
  • Normalization of numbers to full E.164 format (international numbers)
  • Modification of Nature of Address and Numbering Plan Indicator values which are part of various numbers (e.g., calling and called numbers)

You can specify DM rules and apply them to the following entities:

  • Ingress trunk group
  • Prefix profile
  • Egress trunk group

Carriers use DM rules to modify the contents of the Request URI, SIP To header, SIP From header, and P-Asserted-Identity (PAI) SIP URI, and PAI Tel scheme and SIP scheme display names.

Using the DM/PM Rule and DM/PM Criteria, you can specify DM/PM rules that get applied only when the designated criteria are met.

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