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This object specifies the Lwresd Profile configuration.

To View ENUM Domain Name Label

On SBC main screen, go to All > Global > Servers > Lwresd Profile. The Lwresd Profile window is displayed.

Figure : Lwresd Profile

Currently, SBC supports only one Lwresd Profile (DEFAULT). Deletion of the default profile is not allowed.

To Edit Lwresd Profile

To edit the Lwresd Profile, click the radio button next to the Lwresd Profile.

Figure : Lwresd Profile Highlighted

The Edit Selected Lwresd Profile window is displayed below.

Figure : Edit Selected Lwresd Profile

The following fields are displayed:

Table : Lwresd Profile Parameters


Profile name used by the SLWRESD process. The default profile name is DEFAULT. The SLWRESD process uses the ENUM zones configured for performing an ENUM query against Enum Domain Label.

DescriptionTextual description of Lwresd Profile (length: 1-255 characters).
ENUM Domain Label Name 

The ENUM domain name label created for Enum Domain Name Label entity. Use this parameter to associate the Lwresd Profile with a particular Enum Domain Name Label.

Currently, SBC supports only one label name (DEFAULT_ZONE_LABEL).

Enable Lwresd LogUse this flag to enable/disable LWRESD log.
  • Disable (default)
  • Enable
  • No labels