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Launch the remote console JViewer application by using a supported web browser on your PC to remotely connect to the SBC host console. Remote Console is mainly used to re-install the ConnexIP Operating System or remote access of the host server.

The default network ports used by BMC system controller are listed on the page SBC Core Network Listener Ports. These ports are not configurable and are fixed for use by the BMC. Depending on your network these ports may need to be configured as part of your router or firewall configuration.


The following prerequisites allow you to use your PC as a remote console:

  • PC must support Windows XP or later
  • PC must support one of the following browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) or later
    • Chrome
    • Safari on Windows
  • The PC must be installed with OpenJDK Runtime Environment 6 update 19 or later to support the OpenJDK console

To support network security, IE blocks the website from downloading files to your computer and this creates a problem in opening the remote console using IE8 or later.

By default, the JViewer remote console is disabled from the BMC GUI. Navigate to Configuration > Network and you can see the JViewer disable status in the Security section.

Figure : Default Security Settings


Due to this, when you launch the JViewer Console from Remote Console > Console Redirection screen, the message "Java Console is disabled, please enable in Configuration > Network" appears on the screen.

Figure : Disabling Java Console Screen


The following procedure describes how to launch the remote console (JViewer) and perform a console redirection to the PC:

The images shown in this procedure apply to SBC 5000 series platform only.

  1. Login to the SBC BMC using the credentials:
    Username: root
    Password: superuser

    The BMC Main Screen is displayed.

    Figure : BMC Main Screen

  2. Click Configuration > Network. The Network Settings screen is displayed.

    Figure : Default Security Settings

  3. Select Enable JViewer and click Save.

    Figure : Enabling JViewer

  4. A successful message appears on the screen. Click OK to continue.

    Figure : Successfully setting Parameter

  5. Select the Remote Control > Console Redirection tab on the BMC main screen. The console redirection screen is displayed.

    Figure : Console Redirection Screen

  6. Click Java Console in the Console Redirection screen to launch the remote console (JViewer).

    To enhance SBC Platform security, log on to JViewer Console using the 'linuxadmin' credentials. The direct 'root' access is no longer supported.

  7. Log on to SBC through Remote Console using the following credentials:
    Username: linuxadmin
    Password: sonus

    Figure : Remote Console (JViewer)

  8. At the prompt, switch user to 'root' using the following command:

    su - 

  9. Enter the 'root' password as sonus1. 

  10. Click <Enter>. You are now in "root" access.

    Figure : JViewer - root access

    Once you are in 'root' access, proceed with you actions. 

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