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The SBC Core system is a closed network device. Customer modifications at the Linux level are not allowed or supported. These modifications can cause stability, update and fail-over issues.

Customers should only configure the SBC using the supported interfaces (CLI, REST, EMA, EMS).

This section provides information on installing software onto Sonus® Session Border Controller platform: SBC 5400™.

Pre-Installed Software for the Jumpstart System

The SBC 5400 platform is pre-installed with the latest version of the following platform software components:

  • Operating System
  • BMC Firmware—The Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) is a specialized micro-controller embedded in the SBC 5400 platforms.
  • BIOS Firmware—The Basic Input/Output System.

The SBC application package is available as a compressed tar file in the Salesforce customer portal. Download the application software package to your local computer or server and install the application using the EMA platform mode. Refer to Downloading SBC 5400 Software from Salesforce for additional details.

For detailed information on installing the new application software, go to SBC 5400 - Installing Application.

Standalone vs. High Availability

SBC can be configured for one of two different scenarios:

  • Standalone—A single SBC server.
  • High Availability (HA) / Redundant pair—A redundant SBC pair with one system protecting the other system in case of system failure. The HA configuration consists of two SBC servers configured for box-level redundancy.

SBC Operating Modes

  • Embedded Routing Engine (ERE) – which is a light version of the PSX Policy Server for small to medium size networks with no complex routing.
  • External PSX – A physical centralized policy and call routing server for the SBC.


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