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The Sonus SBC Software Edition (SWe) is the industry’s first software-based Session Border Controller (SBC) architected to deliver unlimited scalability with the same advanced features and functionality of the Sonus SBC Core.

The SBC SWe is a virtual Sonus SBC appliance that can be hosted on Intel Server running the VMware ESXi platform. The following figure shows solution architecture of Sonus SBC SWe hosted on Intel Server running VMware ESXi:

Figure : SBC SWe hosted on Intel Server running VMware ESXi

The complete SBC SWe solution consists of the following components:

Customer Provided:

  • Hardware—Memory, CPU, network cards, and disk drives.
  • Hypervisor—A thin layer of software that runs on top of the hardware. The hypervisor gives each Virtual Machine (VM) a dedicated view of the hardware.
  • Virtual Machine (VM)—Either Vmware ESXi operating system hosted on Hypervisor. The VM appears to the user as a separate physical computer. The VM shares physical resources with other virtual machines.

Sonus SBC SWe Software:

The SBC SWe appears to users as an independent Sonus SBC with its own network identity, user authorization and authentication capabilities, as well as configuration and data.

The SBC SWe application is deployable in the following environments as either a Stand-alone SBC (dedicated stand-alone appliance) or Embedded SBC (as part of an existing hardware platform):

  • In a private cloud: The SBC SWe application resides on a private virtualized cloud, whereby new instances can be instantiated as more capacity is needed.
  • In a public cloud: The SBC SWe image is available to an enterprise wanting to deploy SBC SWe as part of building a virtual public cloud.
  • On a dedicated server: The SBC SWe application exists on COTS hardware rather than a proprietary platform.

The SBC SWe targets small to large session count deployments (25 to unlimited). These capacities make this product particularly well suited for small to large enterprises and service providers. See For VMware.

The SBC SWe does not currently support "elastic cloud computing" environments.

For a description of the basic SBC configuration objects, see SBC Core Application Architecture page.