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The SBC EMA provides the ability to generate a system backup file. The user can restore the configuration files from the storage location. During this process, the system will restart and the user has to re-login, once the system is up and running. This is useful if you upgrade the SBC EMA and need to reload the old configurations.

The SBC stores up to 10 manual and seven automatic backup files.

Perform the following tasks to create a system backup file:

  1. Select Administration > System Administration > Backup/Restore. Click Delete to remove/delete any of the highlighted backup files.

    Figure : System backup/Restore

  2. Click Yes, to backup the current system.

    Figure : Backup Current Software

  3. Enter the File Name Suffix.
  4. Click Save. Once the Backup for the system is created, the SBC displays the following message:

    Figure : BackupRestore - Successful Message

  5. Click OK to complete the process.

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