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This is the global diameter profile containing elements that indicate whether Rf is enabled or not. The Diam Sig Controls profile contains the following elements:

  • Enable Rf App
  • Default CCF
  • Rf Interim Acc Inrvl
  • Generate Failed Event Acr
  • Max ACRretransmission

To View and Edit Diam Sig Controls

On SBC main screen, go to All > Global > Signaling > Diam Sig Controls. The Diam Sig Controls window is displayed.

Figure : Global - Signaling - Diam Sig Controls



The following fields are displayed:

Table : Diam Sig Controls Parameters




Enable Rf App

This parameter indicates whether Rf is enabled system wide. Based on this parameter, only normal CDR can be stopped. The options are:

  • enabled
  • disabled (default)
Default CCFThis parameter is used as CDF, if CCF is not received in the PCFA. By default, is displayed.
Rf Interim Acc InrvlThis is over written if Accounting-Answer (ACA) has different value. 0 means no interim record is sent. The value ranges from 0 to 180 and the default value is 30.
Generate Failed Event Acr

If this parameter is enabled, no Accounting-Request (ACR) event for failed call can be sent. The options are:

  • enabled
  • disabled (default)
Max ACRetransmissionThis parameter supports maximum number of retransmission of ACR, if SBC does not receive ACA. The value ranges from 0 to 3 and the default value is 0.
Add Sonus Specific AVP

Enable flag to send additional CDR information within Sonus vendor-specific Attribute Value Pairs (AVPs) in Accounting-Request (ACR) messages over the existing Rf Interface.

  • Disabled (default)
  • Enabled

See Rf Interface Support for AVP details.

Make the required changes and click Save at the right hand bottom of the panel to save the changes made.

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