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Use this configuration to assign a FQDN to a particular signaling zone using the the domainName parameter. The SBC is configurable to use this domainName to determine how to process SIP messages containing FQDNs on a given SIP Signaling Port. If the received FQDN matches domainName, the SIP message is considered as terminating on the SBC. The next step is for the SBC to determine the next-hop to route the message by performing a full policy dip. The route returned by PSX/ERE is honored, and the received FQDN is ignored (irrespective of whether or not “routeUsingRecvdFqdn” flag is enabled).

Command Syntax

% set addressContext <addressContext name> zone <zone name> domainName <string>

Command Parameters

Table : Zone Domain Name Parameters





1-63 characters

The fully qualified domain name for this Zone.

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