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Use this object to configure H.323 Signaling Ports.


Each signaling port within an Address Context must use a unique IP address and port number combination.


The SBC 52x0 and SBC 7000 systems support creating IP Interface Groups containing sets of IP interfaces that are not "processor friendly" (i.e. carried on physical Ethernet ports served by separate processors). However, restrictions exist regarding the usage of such Interface Groups.

(This ability does not apply to the SBC 51x0 and SBC 5400 systems which have only two physical media ports. IP interfaces from the two physical ports may be configured within the same IP Interface Groups without restriction.)

For complete details, refer to Configuring IP Interface Groups and Interfaces.

Command Syntax

% set addressContext <name> zone <name> h323SigPort <#>
action <dryup | force>
dryUpTimeout <0-1440>
dscpValue <#>
h225IpAddress <IPv4 address>
h245IpAddress <IPv4 address>
ipInterfaceGroupName <name>
mode <inService | outOfService>
portNumber <#>
state <disabled | enabled>

// Mandatory parameters:

h323SigPort <index #>
action <force | dryUp>
dscpValue <0-63>
h225IpAddress <ip address>
ipInterfaceGroupName <name>
mode <inService | outOfService>
portNumber <1-65535>
state <disabled | enabled> 

// Non-mandatory parameters:

dryUpTimeout <0-1440>
h245IpAddress <ip address> 

Command Parameters

Table : Zone H.323 Signaling Port Parameters





Controls whether calls are forced off or allowed to dry up upon a mode out-of-service. Select any one of the option:

  • dryup – If dryupTimeout is not specified or its value is “0”, then no new calls are accepted and all currently active calls are allowed an indefinite time period to finish. If dryupTimeout is a non-zero value, then no new calls are accepted, and all currently active calls are allowed   dryupTimeout minutes to finish. After ‘dryupTimeout’ minutes, all remaining active calls are dropped.
  • force – No new calls are accepted; all active calls are immediately dropped.
dryUpTimeout0-1440Dryup timeout (in minutes) when this H.323 Signaling Port is outOfService with dryup action. (default = 0).
dscpValue0-63The DSCP value for packets from this H.323 Signaling Port. (default = 0).
h225IpAddressIPv4The H.225 IPv4 address of the H.323 Signaling Port.
h245IpAddress IPv4The H.245 IPv4 address of the H.323 Signaling Port.
ipInterfaceGroupName The IP interface group to be used by this Signaling Port.
modeN/AOperational mode for this H.323 Signaling Port.
  • inService (default)
  • outOfService
portNumber1-65535TCP Port number of the H.323 Signaling Port. (default = 1720).



Administrative state of the H.323 Signaling Port.

  • disabled (default)
  • enabled


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