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SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity) provides the ability to transition a voice call from the VoIP/IMS packet domain (LTE) to the legacy circuit domain. Variations of SRVCC are being standardized to support both GSM/UMTS and CDMA 1x circuit domains. For an operator with a legacy cellular network who wishes to deploy IMS/VoIP-based voice services in conjunction with the rollout of an LTE network, SRVCC offers VoIP subscribers with coverage over a much larger area than would typically be available during the rollout of a new network.

To configure SRVCC functionality, see Signaling - Global - CLI,

Command Syntax

% set addressContext default zone ZONE_AS srvcc eatf <disabled | enabled>

Command Parameters

Table : Zone SIP Signaling Port Parameters

Parameter Description
srvcc The zone SRVCC parameter with following EATF option:
  • eatf – Use this flag to enable/disable EATF functionality for the specified zone.
    • disabled (default)
    • enabled


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