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If it becomes necessary to change the time zone outside of the installation process, perform one of the procedures below.

Changing the time zone forces a restart of the SBC application (for HA, both servers are affected) which causes a service outage for a few minutes. Sonus recommends changing the time zone only during a system maintenance window.

Change Time Zone From EMA

  1. From the EMA menu bar, select All > System > NTP > Time Zone

    Figure : NTP Timezone

  2. Select the Time Zone that you want to modify, from the Time Zone List.

    Figure : Time Zone drop down menu

  3. A window Edit Selected Time Zone appears below the window Time Zone List.

    Figure : Edit Time Zone

  4. Select a new time zone from the Zone drop-down list, and click the Save icon.

    Figure : Edit Time Zone Dropdown

  5. On saving the changes successfully, the Success window will appear.

    Figure : Timezone Change Success

  6. To undo the modifications, use the Undo Edits icon in the Edit Selected Time Zone window.

    After clicking on the Save icon, clicking on the Undo Edits icon will not undo the changes. If the saved changes needs to be undone, the desired zone has to be selected from the Zone drop-down menu, and then saved again.

The application restarts (in HA configuration, the application restarts on both SBCs), and will take a few minutes to complete.

Once the system comes back up, the new time zone is in effect.

Change Time Zone From CLI

  1. Login to CLI and switch to Configure mode.

    > configure 

  2. To view current time zone, enter command:

    % show system ntp timeZone 
      timeZone FINCH { 
      zone gmtMinus07-Mountain; 
  3. Enter following command to change time zone:

    % set system ntp timeZone <SYSTEM NAME> zone <time zone>
  4. To commit changes, enter commit and respond y when prompted.

    % commit 

    The following warnings were generated:

    'system ntp timeZone FINCH': Changing timezone will restart application and impact service. Do you wish to continue? 
     Proceed? [yes,no] y

The application restarts (in HA configuration, the application restarts on both SBCs).

Once the system is restarted, the new time zone is in effect.

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