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Use the System Status window to view the operational status of servers elements (components).

From the SBC main screen, navigate to Monitoring > Dashboard > System Status. The System Status window is displayed.

Viewing System Status

The System Status screen displays the following:

  • Server Status—shows the status of the system including the name, hardware and software versions system uptime.
  • Fan Status—shows the current fan speeds.
  • Hard Disk Status—provides hardware information about the onboard disks along with total capacity and status.
  • Hard Disk Usage—shows disk status and usage.
  • Power Supply Status—shows status of the power supply including any failures.
  • Daughter Board Status—shows the list of daughter boards present on the system.
  • Policy Server Status—provides the statistics of the routing database and application (local or external).


Figure : System Status


Click  to expand the window to display more fields.